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 WUT has and continues to warmly welcome exceptional overseas talents. Below are the available disciplines and requests for applicants. 



1. Disciplines

  Materials, materials physics and chemistry, materials processing engineering, ship and ocean structural design and manufacture, engine engineering, underwater acoustic engineering, mechanical manufacture and automation, mineral processing engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical design and theory, mechanical engineering, ship and ocean engineering, information and communication engineering, communication and information system, computer application technology, civil engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, mining engineering, mineral industry engineering, power machinery and engineering, techincal economics and management of vehicle engineering, solid mechanics, mechanics, practical chemistry, transportation engineering, management science and engineering, industrial economics, design art, etc.



2. Requests

   The applicant should be an overseas renowned professor or adjunct, associate professor or other exceptional talent in teaching, researching and discipline construction. Or,

   The applicant with a doctorate degree or post-doctoral experience in an overseas famous university or research institution should not be over 40 years old. Or,

   In recent 5 years, the applicant has published high-level academic papers in field-related overseas journals or has achieved prominent research successes.