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  Wuhan University of Technology Press was established in April, 1987 approved by the Ministry of Education. Ever since its foundation WUT Press aims to serve education and scientific research, insists on strengthening management, optimizing structure and enhancing publishing quality. On one hand, WUT Press makes full use of the existing publish foundation of building materials and books concerning Civil Engineering and further organizes a batch of scientific books on Construction Building Materials. From 1996 to 2003, it successfully launched the Newly-Revised Textbooks for Building Engineering Major of National Higher Education, Textbooks for Educational Enterprise Major of Vocational and Technical colleges and Textbooks for Materials Science and Engineering Major.  


The Future WUT Press Building

  When new WUT was founded in 2000, WUT Press embarked on a fast lane of development, ready to innovate with new themes. Since then, WUT Press has published many new textbooks, including the Newly-Revised Textbooks for Civil Engineering, Textbooks for Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation, Newly-Revised Textbooks for Automation, Textbooks on Environmental Protection, Newly-Revised Textbooks for Computer Science and Technology, Textbooks for Animation, Textbooks for Building Decoration Category for Advanced Vocational Schools, Textbooks for Construction Project Cost Management, etc.