Professor Fu Zhengyi Won John Jeppson Award, Granted by American Ceramic Society
Update Time:2021-01-15 10:24:00

Recently, American Ceramic Society granted awards online to celebrate achievements made in ceramic science globally in 2020, in which Professor Fu Zhengyi of Wuhan University of Technology was awarded with John Jeppson Award.

Set up in 1958, John Jeppson Award was granted to 1 scientist achieving grand accomplishments in ceramic science annually. Over the past 62 years, 62 scientists have been awarded with the prize, and Professor Fu, the first Chinese scientist who has got it, now is one of them.

Other winners of the prize include:Professor William D. Kingery of MIT, known for his classic work named Introduction to Ceramics; Professor Leslie E. Cross of the Pennsylvania State University, a pioneer in ferroelectric ceramics, member of American Academy of Engineering; Professor Nils Claussen of German Max Planck Institute, a pioneer in phase transformation toughening research; Professor Koichi Niihara of Osaka University, Japan, a pioneer in nano ceramics research.