Vice President Wang Fazhou Conducts a Research on the International Cooperative Education of WUT
Update Time:2021-03-30 16:24:00

From March 23 to 24, Vice President Wang Fazhou led relevant staffs from the School of International Education, the International Student Education Management Center and the Supervision Office to visit the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the School of Automotive Engineering and the School of Economics to conduct research on the work of Sino-foreign cooperative education and international student education.

The above-mentioned schools briefed on the basics of the numberof international students, the achievements of education and teaching and talent cultivation, as well as efforts made by the schools to improve international students education in terms of teaching organization, faculty deployment, laboratory construction, resource optimization and the development of Sino-foreign cooperative education programs. They also put forward constructive suggestions on the problems and difficulties existing in the research topics. The School of International Education also solicited opinions from and had in-depth exchanges with the university on the further development of Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, enrollment and target assessment of international students, improvement of teaching quality of international students, and the use and management methods of special funds for international students.

At the research meeting, Vice President Wang Fazhou fully acknowledged the achievements made by the schools in international cooperative education. At the same time, he pointed out that it was of great reference value and practical significance to the overall development of international cooperative education to solve various problems in the cultivation of international students in the schools. He noted that to deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of international students, all executive departments, schools and the School of International Education shall collaborate well with each other, and formulate, introduce and improve the policies for international students cultivation. The School of International Education needs to work closely with the schools and international students cultivation units, clarifying the responsibilities and division of labor as well as the management boundary. The schools ought to take the initiative to participate in the recruitment and training of foreign students, and make full use of the close ties with large central enterprises and foreign countries to introduce the joint talent training mode and improve the quality of students. He emphasized that international cooperative education was to build the brand of Wuhan University of Technology and the related schools in cultivating Chinese and foreign talents, to promote the discipline construction, and to boost the capacity of internationalization and overall talent cultivation.

Rewritten by: Li Yi

Source: School of International Education