Wuhan University of Technology Holds an Online Signing Ceremony with Benha University
Update Time:2021-04-07 16:26:51

On April 6, an online signing ceremony between Benha University and Wuhan University of Technology was held in the conference center of Wuhan University of Technology. President Zhang Qingjie, vice president Wang Fazhou and  administrators of relevant schools signed four agreements about the undergraduate dual-degree with the leaders of Benha University. Minister counsellor Wang Shenggang of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt witnessed the signing ceremony. Vice President Wang Fazhou presided over the ceremony.

President Zhang Qingjie emphasized in his speech that since 2018 when Wuhan University of Technology and Benha University established the cooperative relationship, leaders of both universities have finished the exchange of visits. During the pandemic, WUT and  exchanged greetings, which vividly showed the friendship of the two universities. The president of Benha University sent a warm congratulatory video on the 20th anniversary of the consolidation of Wuhan University of Technology, leaving a deep impression on  the staff, students and alumni of WUT. This signing ceremony was a specific measure for WUT tocarry out "The Belt and Road Initiative" educational cooperation and Sino- Egyptian educational cooperation.

Eljizawi, the president of Benha University, said that Benha university always attached great importance to the cooperation with Chinese universities. The signing ceremony with Wuhan University of Technology played a significant role in laying a key foundation for further expanding and deepening the mutual cooperation.

Wang Shenggang, the minister-counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, said that with the cordial care of the leaders of two countries, the bilateral cooperation in science and education was increasingly strengthened. He expressed the hope to take this signing ceremony as an opportunity to continuously promote higher education cooperation between the two countries and contribute to establishing a community of common destiny for China and Egypt.

The current signed dual-degree agreement about joint cultivation of four undergraduate majors included Business Administration, International Economy and Trade, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology. Students of Benha university  will be allowed to study for undergraduate degrees in WUT, and students of WUT will also be allowed to join short-term exchange projects of BU. This further cooperation will enhance WUT’s strategic capacity to serve the country, promote cooperation and communication between WUT and universities of countries along the Belt and Road, and accelerate the development of WUT’s foreign education and education for international students .

Written byQiao Jiang

Rewritten by:JiangSiyuan

Edited bySong Weihong

Source: International Exchange and Cooperation Center