WUT welcomed new postgraduates
Update Time:2021-09-24 11:35:00

On September 23rd, WUT’s 2021 graduate freshmen registered for enrollment. WUT set up 4 welcoming sites in Mafangshan Campus, Yujiatou Campus and the South Lake Campus respectively to warmly welcome new WUTers.

On the morning of September23rd, Xin Sijin, the Chairman of the University Council, went to the welcoming sites in Mafangshan Campusto inspect the welcoming work and meet with the newcomers; Liu Zuyuan, the vice president of WUT, guided the welcoming work in Shengsheng Apartment. The night before,Vice President Wang Shijie checked the preparation of the welcoming spots set in Shengsheng Apartment, Xiyuan Auditorium, and on the north square of Qiushi Buildingin Dongyuan, emphasizing that the registration process must be streamlined, so as to better help new students.

On the day of registration, WUT arranged pick-up buses in railway stationsand transfer points within the campus. Volunteers also provided services and consultation for newcomers. All of these measures help to ensure smooth progress of the welcoming work.

Staff and volunteers waited at the welcoming spots early in the day. The freshmen finished the registration quickly with the one-to-one help provided by sincere and patient volunteers who helped to carry luggage, answered questions of freshmen and their parents, and introduced the campus and different facilities in detail. In this way, freshmen can learn about the new environment and adapt to the new life as soon as possible.

To welcome freshmen, cultivating units have made careful organization,including packaging campus card, admission instructionsand handbook of graduate students in advance,stetting up different registration areas for different classes, and drawing 1-meter interval linesfor queuing. Luggage and hand disinfection and other epidemic-prevention measures were effectively implemented.

According to the characteristics of different disciplines, graduate cultivating units prepared cultural shirts, recycle bags and other cultural products with distinct themes. Campus card cases are customized specially for graduate freshmen, conveying the hope that newcomers can bear WUT in their mind from themoment of arrival. Besides, there were masks, a must-have item for epidemic prevention,showing Schools care and love forthese newcomers.

Sincere wishes are for 2021graduate freshmen that they can continue to exert themselves and grasp the light of their promising future during their new journey of graduate life, creatingmore excellent stories for WUT.

Photographed by: Wu Shi’an

Reviewed by: Xie Zhongqing

Rewritten by: Han Xiaolin

Edited by: You Wenjun, Li Tinatian

Source: Postgraduate Department of the CPC WUT Committee