General social science of WUT ranks top 1% in ESI global list
Update Time:2021-11-13 15:40:00

According to the statistics of Essential Science Indicators (ESI) on November 11st, WUT has made a new breakthrough that the general social science has been listed in ESI global top 1% ranking, marking that thisdiscipline ofW UT edges into the international high-level discipline rank.

Generalsocial science of WUT is listedin top 1% of ESI global ranking

General social scienceis WUTs third disciplineto enter the ESI global top 1% list,a fter the computerscience and environment/ecology which entered the ESI top 1% global ranking in 2021.Itis a new breakthrough in WUTs discipline construction. Up to now, WUTs six disciplines have been listed in the ESI globaltop 1%ranking.

WUTs six disciplines listed in top 1% of ESI global ranking

Within the latest statistical range of data, the threshold of general social science discipline is 1737,and the number of citations of general social science discipline papers of WUT is 1812, and the achievement degree of theglobal top 1% is 104.32%. Over the past 10 years, WUT has published 185 SCIE papers in general social science journals, including 8 high-level papers.

The threshold of general social science discipline

WUT has been committed to deepening the reform of discipline optimization and adjustment and carrying out the “double first-class” construction project with high quality. It also attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, the improvement of teachers teaching ability as well as the teaching training system, to steadily enhance WUTs overall discipline strength. Currently, the overall strength of WUTs dominant disciplines has been increasingly improved, and the position of those dominant disciplines like material science, chemistry and engineering is steadily advancing in the global disciplinerankings, which reflects the progress of WUTs overall discipline strength among international rankings.

Adhering to the spirit of being realistic and pragmatic, WUT has launchedits new journey in the 14th five-year plan. During this period, it will fulfill the mission of constructing a world-class university and dedicate itself to transforming the university’s motto of pursuing excellence into actions. Also it will strive to realize the grand blueprint depicted by the 14th five-year plan and undertakethe responsibility endowed by the plan.

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