Nepalese undergraduate student of WUT won the Best Short Video Award of 2022 the United Nations Chinese Language Day and the 2nd CCTV Overseas Video Festival
Update Time:2022-04-23 10:25:00

On April 20th, the 2022 United Nations Chinese Language Day and the 2nd CCTV Overseas Video Festival were held in Geneva. The work “Colors of Wuhan” shot and produced by Nepalese undergraduate student Ankit Man Maharjan won the “Best Short Video Award”.

This event focuses on the beauty of Chinese studies, the charm of trends, and the advancement of the times. And the “Foreigners’ View of Chinese Fashion” section collected original video from foreigners. Under the organization and guidance of the International Education and Management Center of Wuhan University of Technology, Maharjan took the calligraphy “潮 (Fashion)” as a clue, and through the one-day tour of two international students in Wuhan’s Yellow Crane Tower, Jianghan Road and other landmark buildings to showed the urban style and cultural characteristics of Wuhan in the new era. The works have great visual beauty and publicity effect.

According to the official introduction, nearly 950 video works from 45 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Burundi and Zambia participated in the second overseas video festival. The expert jury was composed of well-known directors, senior international producers, United Nations officials, experts from Tsinghua University and other people from all walks of life. A total of 14 winning works were selected for 9 major awards. “Wuhan Color” won the “Best Short Video Award” among them. The award-winning works had recently landed on social media platforms in China and abroad for the United Nations Chinese Language Day, and had been broadcast in many cooperative media in Europe, attracting millions of netizens to browse, like and forward.

Maharjan was very surprised when he received the award notification. He said, “I can't believe I won! Seeing my name appearing in the video of the awards ceremony made me jump for joy.” He enjoyed recording the daily life, which he said would be his precious memories of studying in China. As an architecture student, he had the  unique aesthetic perspective and work design ability. As an international student representative, he had participated in various activities organized by the school for many times and undertaken the task of photography and videography. He was very grateful for the help of the instructor and the appearance of two friends. Through the teacher’s explanation, he had a concept of Chinese Fashion, and then he had the creative idea of the work; through discussions with Chinese friends and classmates, he polished such a work that integrates Chinese tradition and modern Wuhan.

Video instructor, Miss Zhuang said that although the work was only three -minute long, in order to find inspiration, they learned more than 40 videos and more than 100 pieces of background music together. Through brainstorming and site reconnaissance, the pre-script, storyboard design and location plan were prepared in advance. They completed the location shooting within 12 hours, and finally edited more than 10 hours of video material to achieve the final effect. Despite facing various challenges such as the tight shooting time, the temporary replacement of the actors, and the heavy academic tasks, with the joint efforts of the team members, the work finally presented the characteristics of Wuhan and Chinese culture to the world in a different way.

Paulina Mercedes Gonzalez Puente from Mexico and Muneeb Ahmed Siddiqui from Pakistan who participated in the video recording also expressed their excitement after knowing their work won the award. They said that it was a very precious and unforgettable experience, and show their thanks to Maharjan for his creativity and filming. They hoped there would be more opportunities to participate in more activities in the future.

Click below to watch the full award-winning video:

Written by: Li Kexin, Nicole

Editted by: Li Tiantian

Source: WHUT ISO