“Three Institutes” Project of WUT was launched
Update Time:2022-05-13 11:25:00

The joint efforts of university and local areas create a new promising prospect, the integration of enterprises and universities marks a new kind of cooperation. On the morning of May 10th, Wuhan Technology Research Institute on Artificial Intelligence and New Energy Vehicle Industry Project jointly built by WUT and Wuhan Economic&Technological Development Zone was launched in Junshan Town of Wuhan Economic&Technological Development Zone (WHDZ). The Institute, dubbed as “Three Institutes” includes New Energy Vehicle Industry Technology Research Institute, Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Research Institute, Artificial Intelligence Industry and Education Integration Demonstration College.

On behalf of the university, Mr. Xin Sijin, Chairman of the WUT Council, expressed warm congratulations on the launch of the "Three Institutes" Project and heartfelt thanks to the government officials and guests who gave great support and help to the construction and development of WUT. "Three Institutes" Project of WUT was a joint effort of WUT, Wuhan City and Hubei Province, aiming at building a first-class new research and development institution. It aimed to give full play to complementary advantages of WUT and Wuhan Economic&Technological Development Zone, continue to deepen the strategic cooperation between the two sides, and focused on the technological innovation needs of artificial intelligence and new energy vehicle industry based on the former Wuhan New Energy Vehicle Industry Technology Research Institute.

He said that WUT was mandated by Wuhan Economic&Technological Development Zone to operate and manage the "Three Institutes", and would build the Modern Industrial College of Artificial Intelligence and New Energy Vehicles of WUT in the "Three Institutes". WUT would actively connect the needs of regional industrial development with local economic and social development, explore the effective connection mechanism of industrial chains, innovation chains and education chains, and cultivate high-quality application-oriented, compound and innovative talents for the industry, so as to provide talent and intellectual support for the development of artificial intelligence and new energy automobile industry as well as the digital transformation of the automobile industry in Wuhan, Hubei and even the whole country.

He believed that, under the concern and guidance of the government and with the support of Wuhan Economic&Technological Development Zone, WUT would surely build “Three Institutes” into a crucial engine to promote the swift advances of artificial intelligence and new energy automobile industry. WUT was sure to make greater contributions to the industrial optimization and upgrading, the overall improvement of productivity, and the high-quality development of the economy and society of Wuhan and Hubei Province, and to show new and greater responsibility in the new journey of building a country with favorable artificial intelligence and automobile strength.

Liu Ziqing, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Working Committee of WHDZ, extended his most sincere congratulations on the project initiation when addressing the ceremony. And he noted that WUT’s specialties, in terms of disciplines setting, talents cultivation and industrialization of innovations, fit neatly with WHDZ’s development. The strengthening WHDZ-WUT cooperation had recently promoted the transformation of major sci-tech achievements including hydrogen fuel cells and incubated excellent enterprises covering Wuhan WUT HyPower Technology Co., Ltd.. Moreover, the institute’s establishment was of great significance for WHDZ to create a trillion-level automobile industry cluster, national centers for science and technology innovation, and the deep integration of the innovation chain and industrial chain. Mr. Liu also wished WHDZ would be home to more innovative achievements and alumni companies of WUT.

Wang Yang, Member of the Working Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Management Committee of WHDZ, illustrated the details of the project and recommended Junshan New City.

The ceremony was followed by researches by participants on the industry development planning of Junshan New City and the accelerating construction of “Coordinated Development between Smart City Infrastructure and Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV)” pilot city, respectively in Dajunshan and the Exhibition Hall of New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Area.

It’s reported that established by the zone and fully run by WUT, the Wuhan Artificial Intelligence and New Energy Vehicle Technology Research Institute (Three Institutes) serves as a new research and development institution in Wuhan. The research institution will focus on the industrial technology innovation of artificial intelligence and new energy vehicle. In accordance with the “137” construction thinking, it will reinforce the foundational role of “theories and algorithms of AI”, pay particular attention to three major research areas, namely intelligent connected vehicle, smart traffic, and smart equipment manufacturing, and build seven innovative platforms of new energy vehicles and key auto components & parts, intelligent connected vehicles, intelligent road transportation technology, intelligent waterway transportation technology, smart equipment and manufacturing, intelligent sensing and decision-making, smart materials and devices. Through collecting high-quality resources, as well as innovative and entrepreneurial inspirations, the institute will spare no effort in studies on scientific theories, commercialization of sci-tech achievements, innovative talents cultivation and tech-business incubation, and then build the industrial demonstration base and innovative talents pool featuring “AI integrated with automobile, transportation, and equipment”, thus turning itself into the think-tank for future development and the important carrier and talent base for sci-tech innovation in the Car Valley of China.

The “Three Institutes” project, with a land area of about 141,000 square meters and a gross floor of 170,000 square meters, locates at the northeast of the intersection of Jingkai Avenue and Hannan Avenue, and bounded on the south by Dajunshan.   

Written by: Xie Xiaoqin

Photographed by: Yao Hong

Reviewed by: Tian He

Rewritten by: Jiang Siyuan, Zhang Xiangqi

Edited by: Li Tiantian

Source: Publicity Department of the CPC WUT Committee