WUT co-hosted the 2022 Sino-German Symposium on Advanced Lubrication Technology
Update Time:2022-08-01 10:25:00

The 2022 Sino-German Symposium on Advanced Lubrication Technology, supported by the Sino-German Science Center from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and co-hosted by WUT, Tribology Professional Committee of Hubei Mechanical Engineering Institutionand German Fraunhofer Material Mechanics Research Institute, was held both online and offline from July 25th to 26th. Representatives from various universities and research institutes,such as University of Freiburg, Darmstadt Industrial University, Tsinghua University, Qingdao University of Technology, Hubei University, Wuhan Polytechnic University, German Fraunhofer Materials and Beam Technology Research Institute, Wuhan Material Protection Research Instituteand so on, jointly attended the meeting.

Yan Xinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of WUT, delivered a speech as the Honorary Chairman of the meeting. He introduced the general situation of tribology research of WUT to all present experts, expressed heartfelt willingness to strengthen academic cooperation with all participating units, and wished the meeting a great success. Meanwhile, Matthias Scherge, co-chairman of the conference from German Fraunhofer Material Mechanics Research Institute, delivered a speech on behalf of German counterparts. And Researcher Li Jian, the standing member of the Tribology Institution of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, attended the symposium as well.

During the symposium, 14 Chinese and foreign scholars, including Professor Jürgen Rühe from University of Freiburg, Professor Michael Moseler and Dr. Tobias Amann fromGerman Fraunhofer Material Mechanics Research Institute, Associate Professor Ma Tianbao from Tsinghua University, Professor Guo Feng from Qingdao University of Technology, Professor Guo Zhiguang from Hubei University, Professor Gao Xinlei from Wuhan Polytechnic University, Researcher Li Ke and Associate Professor Dong Conglin fromWUT and Associate ResearcherJia Dan from Wuhan Material Protection Research Institute, made the invitation reports of the conference respectively. And these reports covered the frontiers of tribology field, such as super lubrication, water lubrication, controllable interface, coating technology, and involved many important industrial fields, such as precision manufacturing, green ships, and new energy.

During the twodays’symposium,experts and scholars conducted in-depth discussions on the current situation, key problems, solutions and development trends in the field of tribology, thus forming a heated academic atmosphere. The successful holding of this symposium will play a positive role in promoting the cutting-edge technology research and engineering application in the tribology field and strengthening the international cooperation with German tribology counterparts.

Written by: Li Ke, Cai Yan

Reviewed by: Yuan Chengqing

Rewritten by: Sun Zhongyuan

Edited by:Li Tiantian

Source:School of Transportation and Logistics Engineering