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  National Innovative Talent Cultivation Experiment Base for Business Start-up Education


  The program of "Talent Cultivation Experiment Base for Business Start-up Education based on Vocational Education"  was approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance in 2008, beginning with students of 2008 in WUT.

  The base aims at calling up students' awareness to business, considering cultivating students' quality and ability as the key point and business starting education as the carrier in order to realize the mode of "four phases" cultivation. Moreover, it has attached great importance to the participation of practice activities, the strengthening guidance and service as well as specialization in business start-up, so as to enhance students' awareness of business starting, and equip them with broader knowledge, better mentality and business start-up abilities.

  Telephone: 027-87160203

  E-mail Address: wxc@whut.edu.cn