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  National Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Experiment Training Center


  Based on mechanical engineering discipline, the center has kept close relationship with the university, aiming at cultivating talents with "adaptability, practicality and innovative spirit." Furthermore, the center gives prominence to two features: cultivation of innovative abilities and serving the three industries which are automobile industry, building materials industry and transportation industry. The center also aims to serve mechanical and electronic engineering experiment training and teaching of WUT's science and engineering disciplines, together with innovative practice and basic mechanical and electronic practice in industry. More importantly, the center has become an essential base for course experiments, engineering training and innovative research for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  So far, the center has won 1 National Teaching Achievement Award, 4 provincial/ministerial Teaching Achievement Awards, 1 National Excellent Course, 12 provincial Excellent Courses, 2 national Research Achievement Awards and 23 provincial/ministerial Achievement Awards. Meanwhile, the center also organized students to participate in "National College Students' Mechanical and Electronic Sci-tech Competition" and has won 24 national awards and 52 provincial awards.

  Telephone: 027-87859209027-62325656

  E-mail Address: WuFei@whut.edu.cn