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English-teaching Program for Master Students
in Civil Engineering (EPMSCE)

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

1. Educational Objectives 

  This Program is specially designed based on the existing master programs in civil engineering at the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology. It aims at educating the master degree candidates by high-level experts in civil engineering and grasping the fundamental theories and specialized skills of civil engineering disciplines, and the training of ability of research and application. As proposed, this program would require the students to be able to:

  ● Well understand the deep theories and ongoing policy issues concerning civil engineering and keep updated along with their advancement;

  ● Built an independent thinking ability on civil engineering theories and their applications;

  ● Create strong potentials to communicate with research team members;

  ● Write research papers, be capable in conducting seminars and working activities;

2. Research Orientation


  ● Infrastructure Systems

  ● Highway and Bridge Engineering

  ● Geotechnical Engineering(soil mechanics and foundations)

  ● Environmental Engineering

  ● Engineering and Project Management

  ● Theories of Architectural Design and History of Architecture


3. Courses 

  This program is a 3-year master program in which two major sections are placed separately in course study and research training. The completion of this program depends on the credits earned by the students from the under-mentioned courses under the supervisor’s instruction after enrollment and research work. 28 credits are required in this program, among which 10 credits are from major course taking.

  Main courses: Chinese, Introduction to China, Finite Element Methods, Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design, Advanced Steel Design, Engineering Project Management, Numerical Methods in Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering, Architectural Theory, History of Architecture, Structural Design of Highway Bridges, Advanced Foundation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment, Business Fundamentals for Engineering, Advanced Studies in Civil Engineering(Lecture Series), Thesis Proposal, Thesis Defense.


4. Research Training 

  During the study, the students should complete investigations as assigned by their supervisors. Following that, a formal thesis proposal presentation is needed just after the required credits are fulfilled. Each student should prepare a presentation on their selected topic for an evaluation process and the approval is subject to the quality of their research work.

  Throughout the academic years, the students should actively center on learning and research under the guidance of supervisors. The scientific work usually includes speeches in seminars, collecting information, writing research papers, participating academic conferences and joining a research group.

  The topic of master degree thesis should be of theoretical significance or important application prospects. All civil engineering issues are optional topics.


5. Teaching Team 

  The English language is used in course teaching, classroom discussion, paper writing,examination and out-classroom contact. All the students are supposed to satisfy regular requirements of class participation and research work.

  The Teaching team is mainly composed of teachers with experiences of studying at top Euramerican universities. They are all experienced at how to teach and instruct international students. Some courses are taught by scholars of well-known Euramerican universities.