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Eligibility & Duration
No. Categories Duration
Educational Background Teaching Language
1 Post-Doctoral Fellow 2 Doctoral Degree English/Chinese
2 Doctoral Degree Student 3 Master's degree English/Chinese
3 Master Degree Student 2.5 Bachelor's degree English/Chinese
4 Undergraduate 4 Senior high school Chinese
5 Senior Scholar 1--2 Master's degree, or above English/Chinese
6 General Scholar 1--2 Bachelor's Degree, or equivalent English/Chinese
7 Chinese Language Learners 0.5—2 Senior High School Chinese
8 Short Training Flexible Senior School, or above Flexible

1. Programs to be offered in English shall be decided by WUT, depending upon numbers of applicants.
2. The duration of remedial Chinese language studies is not included in the duration for major studies.

Application Materials
No. Categories Completed Application Form Highest Diploma of Notarized Transcript 2 Reference Letters Research Plan Physical Examination Report
1 Post-Doctoral Fellow Doctoral Degree
2 Doctoral Degree Student Master's degree
3 Master Degree Student Bachelor's degree  
4 Undergraduate Senior high school    
5 Senior Scholar Master's degree, or above  
6 General Scholar Bachelor's Degree, or equivalent    
7 Chinese Language Learners Senior High School    
8 Short Training Senior High School      

1. ☆ means required;
2. All materials to be submitted should be truly and correctly prepared, and false or incomplete materials will cause delay or denial to the decision of your admission.

Application Procedures


Points for Attention:
1. Married students wishing to bring their families with them should contact the International Students Office in advance for permission.
2. Upon the completion of the study and during vacations, the university organizes trips for the foreign students. The traveling route may be decided in advance or discussed.

  International Students Office
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  Postal Code: 430070
  Tel: +86-27-87658253
  Fax: +86-27-87166636
  Website: english.whut.edu.cn
  Email: fstudent@whut.edu.cn