On December 10th the opening ceremony of SSCI Data Base was held in the Library Lecture Hall. Deputy Secretry of WUT’s Party Committee, Professor Qiu Guanjian together with other relative leaders attended the ceremony. Additionally, there were three important honored guests from Thomson Reuters Technology and Medical Group: Director of the Aisan Pacific Products Development, Mr. Nick Stipp, Senior Training Manager Mrs. Zhangfan and Key Account Manager Mr. Hu Dalong. WUT’s teachers and students also took part in the ceremony.

the Opening Ceremony

  On behalf of the university, Professor Qiu Guanjian expressed his congratulations to the opening of the SSCI data base, and conveyed his great appreciation to Thomson Reuters Technology and Medical Group for its long-term support to WUT’s scientific research work. He pointed out that the opening of the data base will benefit teachers and students in resources referrence and the availability to international document resources, as well as in turning WUT’s academic study in social sciences field into keeping pace with the latest international tend. He hoped that teachers and students could make the best use of data base resources, and do relative researchs actively so as to make positive contributions to the construction of disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as other relative fields of academic studies.

  Mr. Nick Stipp gave high praise to the opening ceremony. He introduced the strict process of database as well as its great significance for the scientific research. And he congratulated that teachers and students of WUT could achieve more, made better scientific findings together with greater contributions to the construction of WUT for turning itself into a top-class research university.

Prof. Qiu Guanjian (on the left) and Mr. Nick Stipp (on the right)