Journalists recently learned that WUT declared 63 achievements in science and technology research in Appraisal of Achievements in Science and Technology in 2009. Among them, we won 1 first prize, 6 second prizes, and 7 third prizes.

  Students of WUT have also achieved good results in other extra-curricular competitions held in 2009. We won a total of 261 awards for international and national competition, which can be judged as fruitful. These include: 11 Grand Prizes, 18 national first prizes, 72 national second prizes, and 143 national third prizes for the National College English Contest, 1 national first prize, and 3 national second prizes for China Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest; 1 international first prize, and five international second prizes for American Mathematical Modeling Contest; 1 national second prize for national Advertising Art Competition; 1 national first prize and 22 national second prizes for National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest; 1 national second prize for "Freescale" Car Race;1 national second prize for National Undergraduate Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition; 2 national third prize of National College Students Energy Reduction Competition .

  The university has always attached great importance to these extra-curricular activities which are inseparable with all these achievements. WUT has also placed emphasis on students' innovation abilities, and supported students to actively participate in the extra-curricular competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and the related disciplines of teaching of the Steering Committee of the National Organization. Furthermore, in order to create an innovative educational environment, and build innovative training platform for students to enhance their practical innovation ability, WUT has set up a fund of about 1.5 million to support college students to carry out innovate practice. This year, the university sets up 45 "National Students Innovative Pilot Scheme” projects, and 139 University Students innovative research training projects. The university’s extra-curricular lab opens 63 pilot projects. In total, there are about 900 people involved in various projects of research and practice.