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·Deputy Secretary Wang Qiankun Led a delegation to Visit Universities in the United States, Mexico and Argentina.  [28/11/2019]

·J. Fraser Stoddart,Nobel Laureate in Chemistry,is employed as an Honorary Professor of WUT.  [25/11/2019]

·Pichilillo, President of International Military Sports Council, praised the volunteers of the military games From WUT.  [25/11/2019]

·WUT Hosted the first opening ceremony of Axel-Marseille College.  [30/09/2019]

·The visit to the Istanbul Teknik üniversitesi.  [03/09/2019]

·WUT Association for Science and Technology for Young Teachers was Established and the First Committee Meeting Opened.  [03/09/2019]

·The 7th CISM World Games Judo Test Competition was Successfully Held in WUT.  [14/07/2019]

·WUT Partnering with Wuhan Han Opera Theatre to Build a Joint Training Base for Han Opera Talents.  [14/07/2019]

·Yue Yuanzheng, a Distinguished Professor of WUT Was Elected as an Academician of the European Academy of Sciences.  [18/06/2019]

·Jun Wang, Associate Vice President of the University of California, Riverside of the USA, Visited WUT with His Entourage.  [16/05/2019]

·Visiting Professor Appointment Ceremony of David Lidzey from University of Sheffield of the United Kingdom Held with an Academic Lecture.  [14/05/2019]

·The Third International Forum for Young Scholars was held in WUT.  [14/05/2019]

·Chen Xiexin, Vice Mayor of WuhanVisited WUT to Investigate the Construction Work of Judo Venue of the 7th CISM Military World Games.  [07/05/2019]

·Vice President Kang Canhua Led a Delegation to Visit the European Universities.  [07/05/2019]

·President of Aix-Marseille Université Visited WUT.  [27/03/2019]

·Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation Visited WUT.  [27/03/2019]

·The French Delegation Led by the Consul General in Wuhan visited WUT December 14, 2018.  [17/01/2019]

·The Ceremony for Signing Agreements.  [10/06/2010]

·Signing Ceremony for WUT's Social Scholarships.  [10/06/2010]

·Performances Given by the Cultural and Art Troupe of the Air Force.  [10/06/2010]