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  Mr. Yoshida Issei, Vice president of Yamaguchi University together with his nine-person delegation visited WUT on 28th December. WUT's vice president, Mr. Zhang Qingjie, met the guests and chaired the meeting. Besides, relative teachers and leaders also attended the meeting, including the International Office, Graduate School, School of Science and Materials Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, School of Sciences, School of Information Engineering, etc.

   Mr. Zhang Qingjie gave his warmest welcome to the delegation on behalf of WUT. Meanwhile, he also introduced WUT's rapid development in every aspect in recent years. Mr. Yoshida Issei also expressed his deep appreciation and gave positive praises as well as confirmation to the achievements and development in recent years of cooperation between two universities. Furthermore, both sides have agreed to establish overseas office and negotiated about the co-construction of EMBA program and cultivation cooperation of postgraduates in the fields of mechancal engineering, electronics, materials and biology as well as the preparation of the 2011 ISDM International Forum.



Mr. Zhang Qingjie and Mr. Yoshida Issei