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Biography of ZHANG Qingjie


  Dr. ZHANG Qingjie, male, born in November 1958 in Xixia County of Henan Province, Scientist in Materials Science and Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, he is Professor and President of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), and Director of Foshan Xianhu Laboratory of Advanced Energy Science and Technology in Guangdong province.

  As a scientist in materials science, he has focused on the development and the application research in the areas of new energy materials and devices, advanced composite materials and structures, material micro-nano computation and new materials design, etc. In recent 20 years, Prof. Zhang received 3 National Awards for technological invention and scientific discovery including 2 National Technological Invention Awards and 1 National Natural Science Award. In 2017, Prof. Zhang received the American Ceramic Society Award for Frontier of Science and Technology-Rustum Roy Lecture. He has published more than 260 papers on leading international journals as Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communication, Physical Review Letters etc. He has been appointed successively as Chief Scientist of National Basic Research Program of China (2007-2017) of High-efficiency Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, Director of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing (2004-2018), Member of 1st National Basic Research Strategy Advisory Committee of Ministry of Science and Technology (2020- ), Head of Expert Group of Materials for the Strategy Planning Research for State Key Laboratories Facing to 2035 of Ministry of Science and Technology, Head of Expert Group of Materials for the Strategy Planning Research on Interdisciplinary Frontiers and Disruptive Innovation Facing to 2035 of Ministry of Science and Technology, Member of Expert Group of Guideline drafting for National Key Research Program on Key Sciences Problems on Disruptive Technologies (2017- ), Head of Expert Group of Major Research Project on High-performance Materials with Ordered Functional Unit of National Natural Science Foundation Committee (2019- ).

  As president of WUT, he pays important attention to the strategic management research on university, and to leading the university’s development with advanced education thoughts and ideas as well as to the promotion of the university’s modern governance ability. He proposed the educating ideology system, development strategy and practice approach for Wuhan University of Technology, and he chaired to draw up the Charter of Wuhan University of Technology, the 12th and the 13th Five Years Development Planning of Wuhan University of Technology, and promoted the implementation of the development strategy and planning so as to lead the University’s rapid development with high quality.

  Besides, he has published a number of articles on higher education management on China Higher Education Press, Guangming Daily and China Education Daily, etc. including his monograph The University Ideology with Light of Wisdom (published on China Higher Education Press in 2015).