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  Huang Liwen, male, born in 1965, majoring in Marine Meteorology, professor, Ph. D supervisor, dean of School of Navigation, visiting scholar of Sungkyunkwan University of South KoreaEvaluation Experts of National Awards of Science and Technology, Member of Higher Education Teaching and Guidance Committee, Director of the Sixth Council of China Navigation Institute, Director of Traffic Education Research Association, Member of Marine Meteorological Professional Committee of China Meteorological Institute.

  Professor Huang researches in numerical simulation of the interaction between shipping safety and marine environment, safety assessment of water navigation environment, navigation simulation and Computer software system development and so on. He also receives a series of important academic achievements on water transportation safety and environment. He has undertaken a project of National Natural Science Foundation--“Research on Mesoscale Sea-Gas Coupling Mode of Chinese Eastern Sea”, a project of National Social Public Research Foundation --“Research on Southern Chinese Flood-causing Rainstorm Forecast and Early Warning System” and other several national, provincial research projects as well as military defense projects. In addition, Professor Huang takes charge of over 40 crossing research projects such as “Spilling-oil Analogue Information System Development of China, Zhoushan”, “Shipping Aligning System Social and Economic Evaluation on Anhui Section of Changjiang River”, “Research on Navigation Safety Technique of Changzhou Reservoir Project”, “Study on Navigation Safety Index System of Changjiang River”, which accumulate scientific research funds over 8 million yuan. He successfully develops and improves the application of “Ship-used Typhoon Prevention Decision System”, “Spilling-oil Analogue Information System”, “Environmental Dynamic Forecast System”, “Southern Chinese Flood-causing Rainstorm Forecast and Early Warning System”, “Chinese Sea Sea-gas-wave Coupling Mode System” and “Maritime Emergency Network Management Platform”, which achieves preferable social and economic benefits.

  He has received second prize of Ministry of Communications Technology Improvement, second prize of Zhejiang Weather Bureau Scientific and Technological Achievements, second prize of Ocean University of China Scientific and Technological Achievements. Professor Huang has published over 60 Chinese and English academic papers in the core journals both at home and abroad, among which 10 has been embodied by three major retrieval systems. And the master’s dissertations directed by him have been evaluated as excellent during 2003-2005. In 2004, he received the title—“Outstanding Supervisor of Graduate Student” and was awarded with “Huawei Reward” in 2005.