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State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing

State Engineering Laboratory of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology

State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures 
National Engineering Research Center for Water Transport Safety

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Transportation for Ship Power Engineering Technology

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Transportation for Port Loading Technology

Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for 
Port Logistic Technology and Equipment

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Optic Fiber Sensing 
Technology and Information Processing

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for High-Speed Ship Engineering

Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for 
Green Building Materials and Manufacturing

Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for Waterway 
and Highway Transportation Safety Control and Equipment

Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Digital Manufacture

Bio-materials Engineering Research Center of Hubei Province

Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Mineral Resources Processing and Environment

Engineering Research Center of Hubei Province for Optic Fiber Sensing Technology

Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Road, Bridge and Structure Engineering

Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Broad Band Radio Communication and Sensors

Research Center of Hubei Province for Industrial Furnace Engineering Technology

Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Science and Technology 
Innovation and Economic Development

Key Laboratory of Hubei Province for Fuel Cell

Research Center of Hubei Province for Chinese Traditional Medicine Preparations

Research Center of Hubei Province for Product Innovation Management

Research Center of Hubei Province for Crisis & Disaster Emergency Management