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  WUT has developed good relations and joint construction with the state government, important ministries and provincial departments as well as municipal governments and bureaus. According to the document issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transportation in December 2001, WUT was considered to be a center for talent cultivation, scientific research and knowledge transfer. Moreover, the Ministry of Transportation also agreed to support the construction of its relative majors, key disciplines and laboratories with necessary special funds. In the following years, the ministry did grant a large sum of money to help develop WUT's internship training bases, physical training centers and key laboratories. In total, it has put into more than RMB 60 million in the construction of relative key laboratories and talent cultivation environment.

  Then in June 2002, the Ministry of Education made an agreement with Wuhan Municipal People's Government on the joint construction of 7 key universities, including WUT. According to the agreement, Wuhan Municipal People's Government would give enough support to these 7 universities in the aspects of policy making, project cooperation, environmental construction and financial subsidy. Later in April 2003, the Ministry of Education had a meeting with Hubei Provincial People's Government which decided to give policy and financial support to the construction of WUT's environmental remediation, WUT Square, WUT Sci-tech Park, Nanhua High-speed Ship Engineering and fuel cell automobile industry.

  The university has formed its own innovative research teams on the national, provincial and university levels, especially in the disciplines of materials science, transportation, automobile, mechanical and electrical engineering, information technology, and management. Moreover, a set of science and technology innovation teams based at the state key laboratories, national engineering experimental centers and ministerial and provincial research centers have become more and more mature, continually producing cutting edge research. WUT has also developed collaborations with Hubei Province, Guizhou Province, Hainan Province and Wuhan City, and, on the industrial side, with China Ocean Shipping Company, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company, Dongfeng Automobile Company, and others. 



              Cooperation with China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company