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The Board of Directors of Automotive Industry was founded in November 1988. Ever since its foundation, the board has grown from the original 30 members of big automobile and motor corporations into a large organization with 66 members, which covers all the major and medium metropolitan areas in China. Moreover, the board has developed rapidly in these 20 years by persisting in its principle of mutual benefit and helping each other. Besides its routine work, the board has also promoted its development in industry and research which has received positive feedbacks from the society. Meanwhile, all of these activities have also greatly enhanced the importance of the board and strengthened the bond between the university and the corporations.


The Board of Directors of Transportation Industry was founded in November 2001, consisting of the main ministries of the government, relative corporations and enterprises as well as Wuhan University of Technology. By exerting its advantages and promoting the cooperation with the society, the board has achieved the goal of "win-win" policy and manifested continuous prosperity. Currently, the board has more than 50 members of big companies and corporations, among which 5 have entered Top 100 in China. Besides the routine work, the board also provides other services, including publicizing the teaching, research and development of the university; providing better conditions for students' internships and social practices as well as practice opportunities for young teachers; helping the university to raise funds and thus support its development and finally, conducting academic exchanges and import advanced technologies.   


The Board of Directors of Building Materials and Construction Industry was founded in 1993. Later in 2002, the board meeting was held and the new board of directors was elected, including the former director and deputy directors of the National Bureau of Building Materials. The board has grown into a large organization with 69 members of important enterprises in China. Moreover, it has also established a win-win mechanism of "two-way service and benefits and mutual development". In all these years, the board has been striving to promote the integration of production, study and research as well as the overall interaction between the university and the society.