·WUT customized exclusive graduation gifts for the 2020 graduates.  [14/07/2020]

·1128 Young Scholars Participated in 2020 New Teachers Global “Cloud Recruitment” Online Info Session Held by WUT.  [07/07/2020]

·Volunteer from WUT Participated in the Meeting "Adolescent and Youth Engagement in the Times of COVID-19 " Held by the United Nation.  [05/07/2020]

·WUT Commencement 2020 for Graduates Was Held.  [22/06/2020]

·The Navigation Digital Planetarium of WUT Was Officially Put into Use.  [15/06/2020]

·11 Achievements of WUT Won Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Awards.  [12/06/2020]

·Today, the first group of students home back to school!.  [08/06/2020]

·Academician Yan Xinping and Professor Yu Jiaguo of WUT were Awarded the National Award for Excellence in Innovation.  [01/06/2020]

·Director of Huawei Wuhan Research Center Visited WUT.  [31/05/2020]

·WUT and Overseas Cooperative Partners Work Together to Fight against the “Epidemic”.  [23/04/2020]

·WUT Orderly Pushes to Return to School Work and the Normalization of Education and Teaching.  [14/04/2020]

·Vice President Wang Fazhou Visited International Students and Front-line Staff.  [14/03/2020]

·Overcome Difficulties and Welcome the spring, WUT and Overseas Students are fighting the Epidemic Together.  [12/03/2020]

·Young Teacher, Yue Wenwen of WUT was selected as the First Batch of “Wuhan Anti-epidemic Heroines List”.  [09/03/2020]

·Overseas Cooperative Colleges and Universities Cheer for WUT to Fight against the Epidemic.  [06/03/2020]

·“Reading Station” Warms People's Hearts, and WUT Donates Books and Periodicals to Hanqi Mobile Cabin Hospital.  [29/02/2020]

·Professor Song Yinghua of WUT Was Invited to Work as a Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Expert.  [26/02/2020]

·WUT Achieves Ninth place in the 2019 National Universities Competition Ranking (Undergraduate-Level).  [22/02/2020]

·Vice President Wang Fazhou visited and consoled overseas students staying at WUT.  [03/02/2020]

·Wuhan University of Technology is Fully Committed to the Prevention and Control of "the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus".  [24/01/2020]