·Journal of WUT - Materials Science (English Edition) Selected as 2016 China's Most Influential International Academic Journal.  [01/12/2016]

·WUT Professor Cheng Yibing’s Team Published Review in Nature.  [29/11/2016]

·Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Professor Jean-Marie Lehn Joined WUT.  [01/11/2016]

·QS Global Education Group China Director Dr. Zhang Yan Lectured at WUT.  [28/10/2016]

·Professor William Price,Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Appointed as a WUT Expert of "1000 Foreign Talents Plan".  [25/10/2016]

·Pierre Mutzenhardt, President of University of Lorraine, and his Entourage Visited WUT.  [25/10/2016]

·Prof. Susan Sinnott from the Pennsylvania State University Appointed as WUT Visiting Professor.  [20/10/2016]

·India Ministry of Transport Delegation Visiting WUT.  [19/10/2016]

·WUT-BUL Structural Safety and Integrity Joint Research Centre.  [14/10/2016]

·Wuhan Ligong College of Trinity University of Wales Established.  [12/10/2016]

·WUT Delegation Visiting American Universities.  [12/10/2016]

·Prof. Enrique Lavernia the 2016 "Bell Award" Winner.  [08/10/2016]

·Pilot School of Materials Science and Engineering Held the First Professor Committee Meeting.  [02/10/2016]

·WUT Hosted the 9th International Conference on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems.  [01/10/2016]

·Experts and Scholars at Home and Abroad Discuss Innovation and Global Industrial Development in WUT.  [18/06/2016]

·Nature Conference on Materials for Energy 2016 Held in WUT.  [10/06/2016]

·French UTBM President Pascal BROCHET Visited WUT.  [07/06/2016]

·WUT hosted the 35th International Conference & the 1st Asian Conference on Thermoelectric.  [06/06/2016]

·President Chris Rudd of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China Visited WUT.  [31/05/2016]

·The Third International Material Forum (IMF2016) for Sustainable Energy and Environment Held in WUT.  [27/05/2016]