·The 4th International Conference on Maritime Safety and Smart Shipping(MSSS 2020) was Hosted by WUT.  [10/10/2020]

·Art Education Achievements Showfor the 20th Anniversary of WUT's Merger.  [08/10/2020]

·The 20th Anniversary of the University Merger and High-quality Development with Strategic Cooperation in the Post-COVID-19 Era were Held.  [07/10/2020]

·WUT International Cooperative Education Base was inaugurated.  [06/10/2020]

·Foundation Laying Ceremony of Xiangyang Demonstration Park Was Held.  [26/09/2020]

·Treasuring the Great Era, Cherishing the Green Years.  [20/09/2020]

·WUT Held Opening Ceremony and Military Training Orientation Meeting for 2020 Freshmen.  [20/09/2020]

·WUT outstood in Volunteer Service Project Competition.  [17/09/2020]

·WUT 2020 Postgraduate Opening Ceremony and Award Conference Were Held.  [16/09/2020]

·WUT Won 6 Gold Medals in the Hubei Provincial Semi-finals of the 6th ‘Internet plus’ Competition.  [14/09/2020]

·WUT's Warm Welcome for the 2020 Freshmen with Dreams.  [14/09/2020]

·Vice President of Wuhan Committee of CPPCC Visited WUT for Hydrogen Energy Industry Developing.  [12/09/2020]

·University Sci-Tech Achievements Transformation and Technology Transfer Base Approved onto WUT.  [11/09/2020]

·New Semester, a New Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence!.  [07/09/2020]

·Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT,Led a Delegation to Visit Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd..  [04/09/2020]

·WUT outstood in the 13th National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction.  [31/08/2020]

·5 Students Awarded Stars of Self-improvement of College Students in Hubei Province 2019.  [31/08/2020]

·Students Won the First Prize of the 15th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest.  [22/08/2020]

·2020 Youth Cloud Science Camp’s Sub-camp Opened in WUT.  [15/08/2020]

·WUT and Chambroad Holding Group Joined hands to Train Outstanding Engineers.  [05/08/2020]