·WUT’s Two Research Achievements won 2018 National Science and Technology Awards.  [18/01/2019]

·Xin Sijin, Party Secretary of WUT, Visits France and Belgium.  [17/01/2019]

·Wuhan University of Technology—Aix-Marseille Université Joint School, First Chinese-Foreign Collectively-Run School, was Officially Approved by the Ministry of Education.  [30/08/2018]

·WUT Successfully Hosted the First International Conference on Sustainable Major Infrastructure Projects.  [12/08/2018]

·Mr. Dominique Gros, Mayor of Metz, France, with His Entourage Visited WUT.  [13/07/2018]

·WUT’s Discipline “Material Science and Engineering” enters Top 2% in the Fourth China Discipline Ranking.  [29/12/2017]

·The delegation of Cambodia's Ministry of Foreign Affairsand International Cooperation visits WUT.  [28/12/2017]

·2017 International Conference on Industrial Informatics held at WUT.  [20/12/2017]

·President Markhoul from University for the Creative Arts in England visits WUT.  [07/12/2017]

·Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering, Academician Ivanov, visits WUT.  [05/12/2017]

·Vice President Wen Chen led a delegation to visit New Zealand and Australian universities.  [04/12/2017]

·Special Session of the fifth batch of Signing Convention for the Scientific and Technological Achievements Commercialization was held in Wuhan University of Technology.  [29/11/2017]

·Professor Zhang Qingjie of WUT was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  [28/11/2017]

·Five International Famous Experts and Scholars are Employed as the Strategic Scientists of WUT.  [27/11/2017]

·Zhang Lianmeng, Professor of WUT was Elected Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.  [27/11/2017]

·German State Governor Visited WUT.  [20/11/2017]

·Pakistani Inter-provincial Coordinator Visited WUT.  [13/11/2017]

·Intellectual and Capital Investment Attracted to Wuhan·WUT Session—RMB 260.7 Billion Projects Invested to Wuhan for its Ambitious Development.  [05/11/2017]

·Symposium on Collaborative Innovative Development among WUT, Industries and Regions-the 4th Plenary of the 1st Council of WUT Alumni Association.  [05/11/2017]

·WUT Hosted the 9th International Conference on Cement and Concrete.  [04/11/2017]