·Delegations from University of Surrey & Monash University Visiting WUT.  [31/05/2017]

·Prof. António J.M. Ferreira from University of Porto Appointed as WUT Visiting Professor.  [26/05/2017]

·Forum on Composite Materials Structure Calculation and Experimental Methods at WUT.  [26/05/2017]

·Matthew Y. Sfeir, a Distinguished Expert for the Hundred Talents Program Joined WUT.  [19/05/2017]

·Delegation from Ghana Kumasi Polytechnic University and Regent University of Science and Technology Visiting WUT.  [28/04/2017]

·Professor Mai Liqiang and Professor Zhang Shujun Titled as MoE "Changjiang Scholars of 2016”.  [27/04/2017]

·The First WUT International Young Scholars Forum Held.  [24/04/2017]

·Delegation from Ghana Kumasi Polytechnic University and Regent University of Science and Technology Visiting WUT.  [23/04/2017]

·Four Disciplines Listed in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.  [17/04/2017]

·Workshop on Graphene and C3N4-Based Photocatalysts Participated by Over 200 Domestic and Overseas Experts and Scholars.  [10/04/2017]

·Xin Sijin Appointed as Secretary of WUT Party Committee.  [23/03/2017]

·7 WUT Scholars Elected 2016 Most Cited Chinese Researchers.  [07/03/2017]

·Professor William Price Attended the New Year Reception for Foreign Experts with Premier Li Keqiang.  [10/02/2017]

·Project Led by Professor Yan Xinping Obtained a National Science and Technology Award of 2016.  [10/01/2017]

·More Brand Courses Taught in English for International Students Recognized by Chinese Ministry of Education and Hubei Provincial Department of Education.  [22/12/2016]

·Seminar on Oil Analysis for Tribological Applications in WUT Attended by Chinese and British Scholars.  [21/12/2016]

·The Third National International S&T Cooperation Base of WUT Approved.  [20/12/2016]

·WUT Delegation Visiting France and Germany for International Cooperation and Talent.  [14/12/2016]

·WUT Delegation Visiting New Zealand and Australia.  [12/12/2016]

·Journal of WUT - Materials Science (English Edition) Selected as 2016 China's Most Influential International Academic Journal.  [01/12/2016]