·Vice President Wang Fazhou Led a Delegation to Visit Universities in Turkey and Egypt.  [21/07/2019]

·Two Academicians of WUT were Selected as Academicians of the Asia Pacific Academy of Materials.  [19/07/2019]

·Two Programs of the International Cooperative Development Programs for Innovative Talents are Newly Added in WUT.  [12/07/2019]

·WUT Association for Science and Technology for Young Teachers was Established and the First Committee Meeting Opened.  [05/07/2019]

·WUT has Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Hainan Tropical Ocean University.  [26/06/2019]

·The 7th CISM World Games Judo Test Competition was Successfully Held in WUT.  [23/06/2019]

·WUT and Hainan University have signed a cooperation agreement.  [20/06/2019]

·WUT Student Huangying Won the Honorable Title of the Most Beautiful College Students.  [19/06/2019]

·Yue Yuanzheng, a Distinguished Professor of WUT Was Elected as an Academician of the European Academy of Sciences.  [18/06/2019]

·WUT Signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Jiangxi Provincial Building Materials Group Co., LTD.  [14/06/2019]

·Xia Jiangjing, Deputy Party Secretary of WUT, Led a Delegation to Attend Higher Education Exhibitions in Israel, Hungary and Spain.  [06/06/2019]

·An Exchange Meeting for Training Class in the US 2019 was held in WUT.  [04/06/2019]

·WUT Partnering with Wuhan Han Opera Theatre to Build a Joint Training Base for Han Opera Talents.  [29/05/2019]

·WUT Won the “Winning Cup” in the 12th “Challenge Cup” Competition in Hubei.  [27/05/2019]

·The 7th CISM Military World Games Volunteers’ Slogan and Nickname Released at WUT.  [13/05/2019]

·Academician Frank Caruso of the Royal Society of London and the Australian Academy of Sciences Appointed as Honorary Professor of WUT.  [09/05/2019]

·Chen Xiexin, Vice Mayor of WuhanVisited WUT to Investigate the Construction Work of Judo Venue of the 7th CISM Military World Games.  [07/05/2019]

·Vice President Kang Canhua Led a Delegation to Visit the European Universities.  [07/05/2019]

·WUT was Evaluated as theExcellent“111 Center of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing and Advanced Functional Materials”.  [07/05/2019]

·WUT Hosted the OFS-China 2019 Successfully.  [06/05/2019]