·"Thousand Foreign Experts Plan" Professor Takashi GOTO Signed up for WUT.  [01/11/2017]

·Nobel Prize Winner Chemistry Professor Jean-Marie Lehn Led the Delegation to Visit WUT for Lectures.  [27/10/2017]

·Vice President Liu Zuyuan of WUT Led the Delegation to Visit Canadian Universities.  [22/10/2017]

·WUT Hosted the 2017 China-Finland Symposium on Patent Transfer and Transformation.  [21/10/2017]

·WUT Undergraduates Won Awards at MS&T in the US.  [16/10/2017]

·President Zhang Qingjie Leading a Mission on a Visit to American Universities.  [15/10/2017]

·Professor Enrique J. Lavernia, the strategic scientist in WUT, won 2017 Chinese Government Friendship Award.  [03/10/2017]

·Vice President Zeng Chunnian Went to Serbia and Hungary to Visit Universities.  [01/10/2017]

·Original Paper by the Research Team Led by Prof. Qingjie Zhang of Wuhan University of Technology Published Online in Nature.  [14/09/2017]

·Professor Sajeev John, Fellow of Academy of Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada, Appointed Guest Professor at Our University.  [09/09/2017]

·WUT Hosted the First International Conference on Micro/Nano Machines.  [31/08/2017]

·Professor Thomas E. Mallouk, Academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Lectured in WHUT Forum.  [30/08/2017]

·The Delegation of Taiwan Chaoyang University of Science and Technology Paid a Visit to Our University.  [21/08/2017]

·More than 12000 WUT Graduates Setting Sail for a New Journey.  [23/06/2017]

·University of Southampton Delegation Visiting WUT.  [19/06/2017]

·International Forum on New Concept of Contemporary Asian Design Education Held in WUT.  [17/06/2017]

·WUT Participating in Multicultural Festival in Lorraine.  [16/06/2017]

·Delegations from University of Surrey & Monash University Visiting WUT.  [31/05/2017]

·Prof. António J.M. Ferreira from University of Porto Appointed as WUT Visiting Professor.  [26/05/2017]

·Forum on Composite Materials Structure Calculation and Experimental Methods at WUT.  [26/05/2017]