Professor Su Baolian’s Research Team Approved as the Innovative Team by the Ministry of Education
The research team under the leadership of Professor Su Baolian has been listed as a candidate for the “2011Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team Program” issued by the Ministry of Education.

    The team specializes in “Bionics composite materials with biological fumctions”. Being listed, it will play an important role in the establishment of bionic composites materials research and development platform as well as the cultivation of leading talents and research teams with international influence.

    Professor Su Baolian currently serves as a Distinguished Professor in WUT as a result of China’s “1000 Talents Program”. In his team, there are   

    Professor Sun Taolei (A Distinguished Changliang Scholar), Professor Yang Xiaoyu, Professor Xie Hao, Professor Li Yu and Professor Qin Guangyan. The team aims to bring advanced and complex biological materials from nature into materials processing technology in order to find new ways to solve problems in energy shortage and pollution and to provide scientific guidance to novel bionics composite.