Prof. Susan Sinnott from the Pennsylvania State University Appointed as WUT Visiting Professor

  On October19th, Professor Susan Sinnott, head of department of materials of the Pennsylvania State University (PSU for short), visited WUT with her entourage. She was appointed as a visiting professor of our university.

  Professor Liu Hanxing, dean of pilot school, introduced Professor Susan Sinnott and her academic achievements. Deputy president Chen Wen issued the letter of appointment with Professor Susan Sinnott and extended cordial welcome to her. Professor Susan Sinnott expressed her thanks and her wish to actively promote communication and cooperation between WUT and PSU. She would also promote talent cultivation of WUT and construction of first-class disciplines. Professor Susan Sinnott delivered a lecture to WUT faculty and students.

  During the meeting, Professor Susan Sinnott introduced PSU and its research direction. The dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering of WUT introduced basic information of the school and dean of pilot school introduced its reform model of talent cultivation. Then the two parties conducted deep discussion on issues including joint education, communication and learning and joint-cultivation of graduate students.

  It is reported that WUT and PSU has a long history of cooperation and two parties has conducted communication and cooperation based on WUT-PSU Dielectric and Piezoelectric?Materials United Lab. In recent years, totally 7 teachers have visited PSU as visiting teachers and totally 7 graduate students have studied in PSU for postdoctoral studies or by joint cultivation. A large amount of joint research achievements have been made till now.


  Professor Susan Sinnot focused on researching computer simulation of materials at atomic level, simulation of surface chemical properties of composite material, impact prediction of crystal boundary and defects and so on. She has published over 200 research essays on several high-level journals. She is the editor-in-chief of Journal?of?Materials?Research and Computational?Materials?Science and a member of editorial board of several journals.