Journal of WUT - Materials Science (English Edition) Selected as 2016 China's Most Influential International Academic Journal

  Recently, the Annual Report for International Citation of Chinese Academic Journals announced 2016 List of China's most influential international academic journals and 2016 List of China's excellent most influential international academic journals. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology - Materials Science" (English Edition) was one of the 2016 most influential international academic journals in China. It is one of the only five university journals in China’s mainland to win the honor. It is also the fourth time for the journal to win the title.

  The journal is strongly supported by the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing of WUT. It aims at publishing high quality papers on nano-materials, inorganic non-metallic materials science and engineering, biomaterials, composite materials. Most papers are funded by the National Natural Science Fund and other state-funded projects. Since 1997, the journal has entered the SCI and Ei retrieval system, with impact factor and citation frequency increasing year by year. It is jointly published overseas with one of the world's largest science and technology publishing group -- Springer; the monthly overseas downloads is more than ten thousand.

  China's most influential international academic journals is composed of the top 5% of the journals among the annual report released by the China International Academic Research Center for Academic Research and evaluation. It introduces the qualitative analysis, and excludes academic misconduct literature and false reference interference, which makes the results more objective, true and accurate. Most of them contain Chinese best academic journals and journals of Chinese Academy of Sciences, revealing the practical effect of the international brand building of Chinese academic journals.