Workshop on Graphene and C3N4-Based Photocatalysts Participated by Over 200 Domestic and Overseas Experts and Scholars

  Recently, the 2nd International Workshop on Graphene and C3N4-Based Photocatalysts (IWGCP2) sponsored by WUT was held in WUT. More than 200 experts, scholars, professors and students in related fields from 15 countries and regions, including the US, Greece, Denmark, Poland and Holland, have participated in the Workshop. The Workshop was presided over by Professor Yu Jiaguo from State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing and Professor Mietek Jaroniec from the chemistry department of Kent State University, USA. It is supported by the Key Program for International Cooperation Projects of China established by National Natural Science Foundation of China and the international academic journal Applied Surface Science.

  IWGCP2 aims at providing an international information communication platform for domestic and overseas experts and counterparts in the research area of photocatalysis. With 35 academic reports with comprehensive content and abundant information given to all the researchers, the workshop presented the latest Graphene and C3N4-Based photocatalysts technology and its theoretical research progress, discussed the key scientific issues and meanwhile pointed out the future research direction. The themes of the workshop included Graphene-Based Composite Photocatalysts, C3N4-Based photocatalysts, Two-Dimensional Layered Photocatalysts, Surface modi?cation of Photocatalysts, First-principles Studies of Photocatalysts, Photocatalytic Water Splitting for Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolutions, Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to Solar Fuels, Environmental Applications of Photocatalysts, Dye-sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cells, Surface Science of Photocatalysis and Photoelectrocatalysis, other Photocatalytic Materials, etc.

  The agenda involved 6 plenary lectures, 11 keynote speeches, 13 invited reports, 5 oral reports, 113 poster presentations, a symposium for editors, and 10 Excellent Poster Presentation Prizes with awards. After the workshop, contributions in full from all the participants are welcomed by the organizing committee. Papers meeting the requirements will be published in the Album Graphene and C3N4-Based photocatalysts of Applied Surface Science to be indexed in SCI.

  IWGCP2 has promoted the academic exchange between international experts and scholars in this research area and defined the prospect and direction of future development. Additionally, the workshop has enhanced the academic status and influence of China, showing a great significance in propelling the research process of Graphene and g-C3N4-Based Photocatalysts.