Forum on Composite Materials Structure Calculation and Experimental Methods at WUT

  From May 22 to 24, the 2nd International Conference on Computational and Experimental Methods for Composite Materials and Structures was held at WUT. The conference was jointly organized by WUT and one of the world's leading journals Composite Structures indexed by SCI, focusing on the latest developments in the field of composite material structure calculation methods and experimental research to explore the structure of composite materials research methods and application experience.

  Prof. António J.M. Ferreira, editor-in-chief of "Composite Structures" and professor of the National "Thousand Talents Program", and Principal Scientist of WUT Professor Li Shuxin are chairmen of the conference. WUT Vice President Zeng Chunnian attended the conference and delivered a welcoming speech.

  Professor Li Shuxin believes that the convening of the conference will effectively promote the development of composite materials and related fields of WUT, and enhance the school's academic influence and international reputation. Professor António J.M. Ferreira thanked WUT for its efforts in organizing the conference and introduced the theme of this conference.

  The meeting has a main session and two parallel sessions, there are a total of 69 reports, including four major conference special reports, five special reports in parallel sessions. Professor MartynPavier of the University of Bristol, Dr. Zhu Hanxing of University of Cardiff, Prof. Hu Heng from Wuhan University, Prof. Guo Licheng of Harbin Institute of Technology, Prof. Yao Xuefeng from Tsinghua University, Prof. Zeng Tao from Harbin Polytechnic University, Professor Weidong Wu of Tennessee University, researcher XuJian of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Institute of Materials Research and other well-known scholars at home and abroad have delivered academic reports. During the conference, the well-known scholars at home and abroad have a positive interaction with participants focused on the latest research on the calculation and experimental methods of composite materials structure, including the design theory, analysis method, preparation process, representation methods and application prospects and other aspects of Resin, Ceramic Matrix, Metal Matrix and Carbon-based Composite materials.

  The conference has expanded the international vision of faculty and students of WUT and has provided a cooperation platform for well-known institutions at home and abroad. It has played a positive role in promoting the construction of double-top disciplines and realizing the internationalization of composite materials research.