Pakistani Inter-provincial Coordinator Visited WUT

  Nov. 10th, Vice President Tang Canhua received Mr. Passand Khan Bullidi, Balochistan Inter-provincial coordinator of Pakistan and his mission and introduced to them how Pakistani students are getting on in WUT. Among the visitors were representatives from China Foundation for Peaceful Development, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hubei Province and Overseas Department of the 3rd Bureau of China Construction.  

  President Tang briefly introduced WUT to the guests, emphasizing Pakistan a key partner along the New Silk Road of China. He pointed out that the University will continue to contribute to the national strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, boosting exchanges and co-operation with the West Asian neighbor in education, science and hi-tech.

  Mr. Bullidi thanked the warm reception, stressing that the Balochistan Province, an essential socioeconomic area in Pakistan, plays a key role along the Pakistani-Chinese economic corridor. He praised WUT for cultivating many excellent graduates for Pakistan and believed that the 63 Pakistani students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs will not only be a propelling force to Pakistani development but also friendship ambassadors for the two countries. He expressed his wish to further co-operation with WUT and encouraged the current Pakistani students to cherish the studying opportunities and contribute to society after graduation.

  After that, the delegates talked blithely with some current Pakistani students in WUT.