Five International Famous Experts and Scholars are Employed as the Strategic Scientists of WUT

  On November 26th, a ceremony was held in Wuhan University of Technology for the appointment of strategic scientists on year of 2017. Five international well-known experts and scholars were employed as strategic scientists of WUT. Important parties attended the appointment ceremony, they were: university leaders including Xin sijing, Zhang Qingjie, Wang Qiankun, Ceng Chun Nian, Kang Canhua, and Liu Zuyuan, other people like: Duc T. Pham, academician of British Royal Academy of Engineering, Nan Qiwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiang Desheng , academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, all the functional departments, the principal responsible persons of the teaching and scientific research units, the representatives of teachers and students, etc. also participated in the appointment ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by WUT  Vice President Liu Zuyuan.

  WUT Vice President Zeng Chunnian read out a document on the appointment of strategic scientists of WUT.

  At the ceremony, five people were employed as strategic scientists of our university, they were: Ali mosleh, Member of the United States Academy of Engineering as well as the chief professor of engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, Ye Hengqiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as a researcher at the Institute of metal research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Yousheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and researcher of the China ship Science Research Center, Fan Weicheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as President of the Academy of Public Security of Tsinghua University,  Li Jun, academician of the China Academy of engineering as well as the senior engineer of China First Automobile Co., Ltd. Technical Center. Zhang Qingjie, president of WUT, issued appointment certificates to five strategic scientists respectively.

  Academician Ali Mosleh spoke as a representative of the strategic scientists. He said that he was honored to be employed as a strategic scientist at the Wuhan University of Technology, and that after being hired, he would do his best to put forward the strategic, forward-looking, creative research ideas based on the direction of his own discipline development, to guide the training of young teachers and graduate students to achieve world-class scientific research results, as well as actively recommend and cultivate high level young talents for WUT,  and lead this discipline to conduct deep international exchanges and cooperation with overseas high level universities or scientific research institutions.

  President Zhang Qingjie expounded and summarized the important strategic significance of the implementation of the "15551 talents Project" and the generally situation on school appointment of strategic scientists since the 12th Five-Year Plan. President Zhang Qingjie pointed out that strategic scientists are the strategic needs of our school "to build excellent universities that satisfy the people and let the world admire", and it was a powerful driving force for WUT to build the world first-class universities and first-class disciplines, and it was of great significance for the school to realize the development by leaps and bounds. He hoped that the five hired strategic scientists would be able to lead the development of our disciplines by using their innovative academic ideas, forward-looking strategic vision, excellent leadership, noble charisma of personality and broad academic influence, so as to enhance WUT's social reputation and international influence.

  President Zhang Qingjie stressed that the whole university should further firmly establish the strategic consciousness to strengthen the university and school by talents, to form a good environment for respecting and cherishing talents, to serve strategy scientists enthusiastically, actively and attentively, and to create a good working and living environment for them, to give full play to their leading role in the academic field, so that to advance the discipline construction, scientific research, team building, talent training of our school  to a new platform.

  WUT focus on talent strategy and talent engineering, cultivating and introducing high- end talents to lead the construction of excellent teachers. It is reported that since the year of 2011, WUT has carried out the first round of "15551 Talents Project" and seventeen strategic scientists were introduced. In the year of 2016, the school continued to implement the second round of "15551 talents Project", employing six strategic scientists. In 2017, the school hired six new strategic scientists. Up to now, there are twenty-nine strategic scientists in our university. In virtue of their profound academic attainments, farsighted strategic vision, excellent team leadership, noble moral custom, these talented people has been leading our school to develop rapidly and steadily, and has made great contributions to the construction of the school, the training of talents, the scientific research, and the international cooperation.