Professor Zhang Qingjie of WUT was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  November 28th , the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the results of co-selection of academicians on 2017, Zhang Qingjie, Professor of State key Laboratory of New Technology for Composite Materials of WUT, was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  Professor Zhang Qingjie was born in Xixia, Henan province in November 1958. He graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology in 1982, and received his doctorate from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1990. He was chief scientist of two phase national 973 projects in the Thermoelectric material field. And currently he is the director of National Key Laboratory for material composite technology and the president of  Wuhan University of Technology.

  Bai chunli, President of Chinese Academy of Sciences presented Professor Zhang Qingjie with the certificate of election as an academician

  Professor Zhang Qingjie has long been engaging in the study of inorganic nonmetallic and composite materials such as the special functions of thermoelectric materials, and has made a systematic and innovative contribution to the basic theory, the preparation technology and the engineering application. He put forward the concept of magnetic nanocomposite thermoelectric materials and found the thermal-electro- magnetic synergistic effect as well as established a new method for the Coordinated Control of Electron / phonon Transport in Thermoelectric Materials. He invented a new technology for rapid non-equilibrium preparation of thermoelectric materials, realized the rapid preparation of nearly 100 thermoelectric materials, and solved the major technical problems that under the low and medium temperature the series of important thermoelectric materials unable to be prepared quickly and at low cost for a long time. He applied high performance materials that he studied to solar full spectrum thermoelectric-optoelectronic composite power generation and weapon and equipment series key models, therefore he has maken an important contribution to the development of national new energy technology and national defense weapon equipment.

  Nature published a feature commentary on his and his team's work, evaluating his work as "an important step in improving the physical mechanisms for thermoelectric performance. His important innovation is the originality of the concept and the universal method, which shows the way for new discoveries that may follow." Professor Zhang Qingjie won the second Prize for National Invention and the second Prize for Natural Science. Among them, one item of the second prize for national invention was completed as the first author. He awarded by the American Ceramics Association a "Science and Technology Frontier Award"(Frontiers of Science and Technology-Rustum Roy Award). He also published systematic papers in international journals such as nature and nature nanotechnology.

  Professor Zhang Qingjie has strict discipline and a decent style of study. He  imparted knowledge and educated people, cultivated master, doctor, postdoctoral more than 80 people.