Special Session of the fifth batch of Signing Convention for the Scientific and Technological Achievements Commercialization was held in Wuhan University of Technology

  Forty-six projects were signed and the contract amounted to 8.176 billion yuan. On November 28th, the signing ceremony for the fifth batch of scientific and technological achievements transformation special docking activity was held at the convention center of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT). Important representatives attended the meeting, they were:  Chen Yixin, Deputy Secretary of HuBei Provincial Party Committee as well as  Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Wan Yong, Deputy Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee as well as the mayor of Wuhan city, the municipal party committee members including: Chen Ruifeng, Liu LiYong, Cai Jie, Hu Yabo, Li Youxiang,  leading officials who were in charge of the relevant districts or bureaus of the city, Xin Si Jin, secretary of the Party committee of WUT, Zeng Chunnian, Vice President of WUT, Jiang Desheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,  Principals of relevant functional departments and the schools, scientific and technological achievements holders, project recipient representatives,etc.. Wan Yong, the mayor Wuhan city, presided over the meeting.

  Chen Yixin, Deputy Secretary of HuBei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, pointed out in his speech that WUT had set two records: the highest contract amount signed  on a single session by alumni as the intellectual returning back, and the highest total contracting amount among the five batches of signing convention for the scientific and technological achievements commercialization. Chen Yixin, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, expressed his thankfulness to WUT for raising the banner, making a demonstration and walking in the forefront in both activities of "Millions of alumni, the capital and intellectual back to WuHan project" and “Transformation and Docking Engineering of Scientific and technological Achievements in Universities”.

  Chen Yixin said that Wuhan city would vigorously support and work together with WUT to create five innovative platforms of materials, transportation and ocean, automobile, military and civilian integration, as well as Internet of things, further construct the “university—industry—market—city” quarternity innovative ecosystem, and continue to provide more supply of scientific and technological achievements, promote the “high- efficiency, high-tech” industry development.

  He stressed that the municipal Party committee and the city government would further elaborate the guarantee system of innovation elements to support WUT to promote the construction of "double first-class" university, strengthen the public service assurance to promote the first-class public resources to serve the first-class universities, carry forward the "University plus Culture" construction to build university brands for Wuhan city; optimize the surrounding environment of campus, strive to render the development of WUT with more dynamic, with more beautiful environment and with more comfortable life for teachers and students.

  Xin Sijin, Secretary of the Party committee of WUT, in the speech introduced  his work train of thought, that was, the school’s adherence to serving WuHan's development with scientific and technological innovation, promoting the big innovation  by establishing "big mechanism", by using of " big platform" to strengthen the “big cooperation, by developing "big industry" promote the big application. The school proposed clearly that it would continually and thoroughly implement the action plan for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, constantly innovate the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, strive to improve the support service system for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, energetically stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel, completely promote the transformation level of scientific and technological achievements in a comprehensive manner .

  He said that the school would respond positively to the strategic planning of Wuhan Municipal Committee and municipal government, firmly grasp the great opportunity provided by the "four major intellectual projects" and actively promote the integration of “teaching and research, school and city, industry and city, capital and intellectual”, mobilize more than sixty thousand teachers and students of WUT to jointly serve the  Wuhan construction to build a first-class platform for the scientific and technological achievements transformation, as well as construct first-class of technological innovation base to cultivate and supply first-class of innovative talents, and continuously improve the original innovation ability and core competitiveness, that is, sparing no effort to boost the revival of Wuhan city.

  Zeng Chunnian, Vice President of WUT, with the topic of "giving full play to the advantages of disciplines to help Wuhan's innovation and development", introduced the overall situation from three aspects: the overall situation of WUT, the innovation of  technology achievements commercialization system, the promotion of major scientific and technological achievements.

  At the convention, Jiang Desheng, Professor of WUT and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Wang Hongbing, Chairman of Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Materials Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. , respectively on behalf of the scientific and technological achievements holder and the undertaking party, exchanged experiences in the transformation of the scientific and technological achievements.

  Academician Jiang Desheng hoped that the broad masses of scientific and technological personnel would conscientiously study the relevant policies and knowledge on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, actively participate in the tide of technical achievements commercialization, and make efforts to build a strong science and technology country. He stressed that to do a good job in transforming scientific and technological achievements required to have independent core technologies that met the market demand, and  it was necessary to have an efficient cooperation mechanism of production, learning and research in order to actively realize the localization of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  Wang Hongbing, chairman of the  Wuhan Huiqiang, said that the scientific and technological achievements conversion agreement of "Li-ion Composite diaphragm and solid electrolyte membrane" signed with WUT would better promote the product upgrading and technical reserve of his cooperation, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise and therefore make due contribution to the economic development of Wuhan city.

  A total of 46 projects were signed on the site and the contracted amount was 8.176 billion yuan. Among them, 40 projects were of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the signing amount was 1.726 billion yuan,  two were of fund projects, with total amount of 5.5 billion yuan,  four projects were of platform construction for the scientific and technological achievements transformation, and the amount of the contract is 950 million yuan. Huaxia Bank and Bank of Communications provided 60 billion yuan of credits for the transformation of school scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, 150 convertible projects were published in Changjiang Daily for social docking.

  Among them, the advanced technology of "Lithium Battery Composite diaphragm and solid electrolyte membrane" developed by Tang Haolin, Professor of State key Laboratory of New Technology for Composite Materials of WUT,  was counted as investment to cooperate with Wuhan Huiqiang new energy materials technology co., Ltd., the agreement was up to 100 million yuan. The technology  of the project has reached the international leading level of dry-process unit diaphragm, leading the development of power battery diaphragm industry. After the implementation of the project, the output value was expected to reach one billion yuan within ten years.

  It is reported that this was the fifth batch of scientific and technological achievements transformation centralized contracting activities  after the establishment of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau for the Transformation of Scientific and technological achievements and following the special performances of Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.