Vice President Wen Chen led a delegation to visit New Zealand and Australian universities

  From November 23 to November 30, Vice President Wen Chen led a delegation to visit New Zealand and Australia universities and attend the 2017 Tri-University Research Workshop on Advanced Engineering held by Monash University. In addition, the delegation successively held overseas high-level recruitment seminars in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

  Vice President Wen Chen addressed at the "2017 Tri-University Research Workshop on Advanced Engineering"

  Vice President Wen Chen addressed on behalf of WUT at the opening ceremony of "2017 Tri-University Research Workshop on Advanced Engineering" at Monash University. He says, through the research workshop, the joint efforts of Monash University, Central South University and our school have helped academic exchanges, scientific and technological cooperation, mutual visits by teachers and exchange of students among the three schools since 2005. The fruitful results have contributed to the scientific and technological innovation, discipline development as well as student training, and also enhanced mutual understanding and friendship. He hoped to deepen and expand the level of cooperation and fields among three universities in the future.

  Vice President Wen Chen talks with Chris Davies, chairman of Monash University Academic Committee

  Vice President Chen Wen held talks with Professor Chris Davies, Chairman of Academic Committee of Monash University, and the head of the Faculty of Engineering. He held in-depth communication on the co-cultivation project of "2 + 2" students in materials science and chemistry conducted by our school and Monash University. The two universities will further expand the joint training model and cooperation in the professional field. He also highlighted the development model of internationalization of our model college and hoped to further promote the communication of teachers and students between the two universities.

  WUT Overseas High-level Talents Recruitment at the University of Auckland

  At the University of Auckland, Vice President Chen Wen and his entourage visited the School of Education and Social Work, met with the directors of the institute and relevant personnel of the Department of International Affairs of the University of Auckland. The two sides conducted in-depth research on cooperative research, academic exchanges and co-cultivation of students in education disciplines, as well as understanding and discussion on short-term exchange students program and teacher training courses at the University of Auckland.

  WUT Overseas High-level Talents Recruitment at Monash University

  While in Sydney, Vice President Wen Chen paid a visit to the "Chutian Scholar" chair professor of our school who worked at the University of Sydney, visited the Fluid, Structure and Wind Tunnel Laboratory of the University of Sydney, and exchanged views on further cooperation.

  WUT Overseas High-level Talents Recruitment at the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

  Vice President Wen Chen and the delegation held three overseas high-level talents recruitment seminars at Auckland University, Monash University and the University of New South Wales respectively, attracting enthusiastic assistance of overseas distinguished professors and enthusiastic overseas students. More than 150 overseas PhDs, postdoctoral researchers and scholars from three prestigious universities and their surrounding areas have attended the recruitment seminars. Some PhDs and scholars have indicated their willingness to work or cooperate with our school on the spot.