Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering, Academician Ivanov, visits WUT

  On December 1st, Vice Chancellor of WUT, Zeng Chunnian met Academician Leonid Ivanov, Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering and Chief Secretary-general, and the delegation at WUT. The former President of WUT, Prof. Zhou zude, and other representatives from International Office, School of Automation, and School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering attended the meeting.

  Vice Chancellor Zeng Chunnian welcomed the visit of Academician Ivanov, and stated that there was a close relationship between Russia and China with frequent international exchanges. He hoped to take this visit by Academician Ivanov and the signing of a joint research institute as opportunities to strengthen WUTs close ties with the Russian Academy of Engineering, and promote deeper exchanges and cooperation of both sides in the related disciplines.

  Academician Ivanov gave thanks to the warm reception from WUT. He noted that there had been a good cooperation foundation between Russian Academy of Engineering and Chinese universities and research institutes. In addition, Russian Academy of Engineering had conducted the exchanges and cooperation with Prof. Zhou Zude and with other disciplines such as automation, mechanics and electronics, etc. He stated that he would strive to promote the exchanges between the two sides and motivate the development of the both sides into a new stage.  

  In view of Prof. Zhou Zudes outstanding contributions in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Russian Academy of Engineering and WUT, as well as the remarkable research achievements he has made, Vice President IVanov awarded the the gold medal and the certificate to Professor Zhou Zude on behalf of Russian Academy of Engineering.

  On behalf of the two sides, Vice Chancellor Zeng Chunnian and Academician Leonid Ivanov signed the agreement of co-building a joint research institute.