2017 International Conference on Industrial Informatics held at WUT

  Recently, 2017 International Conference on Industrial Informatics was held at WUT. This conference is sponsored jointly by China Artificial Intelligence Association (CAIA) and WUT, and co-sponsored by Russian Academy of Engineering, CAIA Intelligent Robot Specialized Committee, Enterprise Information System Specialized Committee of IEEE SMC, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, The 8th and 9th Working Groups of The International Federation for Information Processing, and The Key Lab of Digital Signal and Image Processing of Guangdong Province, etc.

  With the theme Industrial Information Integration, Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Control and Automation, Intelligent and Digital Manufacturing”, this international conference aims to exchange the latest advancement in the field of global industrial informatics, to promote the international academic exchanges and broaden the influence of WUT in the international academic circles. This conference has attracted about 120 authors to submit their papers from China, America, England, France and so on. About 70 authors and guest speakers, 200 observer-representatives and audience participated in the conference. All accepted papers will be published by IEEE Computer Society Press.

  The conference began with a brief opening ceremony. The attendees include Academician Ivanov, Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering; Professor Huang Xinhan from Huazhong University of Science & Technology (CAIA Executive Director, Chairperson of the conference, Winner of China Intelligent Robot Lifetime Achievement Award); WUT Strategic Scientist Academician Pham (Member of The Royal Academy of Engineering); the former President of WUT, Professor Zhou Zude; Dean of School of Automation Professor, Chen Wei (Chairperson of the conference), etc. On behalf of the sponsors and organizers, the co-chairperson of the conference Prof. Huang Xinhan delivered an opening address, and wished the conference a complete success. Then the six prominent scholars delivered speeches at the conference respectively on six themes, including Academician Ivanov (Vice President of Russian Academy of Engineering), Academician Pham (Member of The Royal Academy of Engineering), Professor Li Lijie and Professor Fan Zhun , Professor Xu Wenjun and Professor Yan Xinping of WUT. The conference continued to be held in sessions for one and a half days. The six scholars introduced their research achievements from the perspectives of industrial informatics, intelligent system applications as well as theoretical studies respectively. They proposed new ideas and design methods and offered new perspectives for other scholars in studying the related disciplines. In the interactive sessions, expert rapporteurs communicated and explored the questions thoroughly with the audience, thus creating a lively atmosphere.  

  It is reported that this is the third international conference hosted consecutively by WUT. This conference helps to promote the international academic exchanges in the fields of industrial informatics theoretical studies and applications. It also plays a positive role in enhancing WUTs  cooperation and close contact with domestic and foreign academic circles .