Mr. Dominique Gros, Mayor of Metz, France, with His Entourage Visited WUT

  On July 12th, the municipal delegation led by Mr. Dominique Gros, mayor of Metz, France, paid a visit to WUT. Among them were Ms. Doan Tran, Vice Mayor of Metz, Mr. Régis Capo Chichi, Deputy Director of Metz Municipal Office, Mr. Jean-Jacques Gaumet, Professor of Materials Science of Lorraine University, and Hong Toussaint, Foreign Director of Confucius Institute. President Zhang Qingjie and Vice President Zeng Chunnian met the delegation.

  President Zhang Qingjie and Vice President Zeng Chunnian met Mayor Dominique Gros and his delegation, and then made a brief introduction of WUT. They expressed special thanks to the government of Metz for their support and assistance to WUT’s wide cooperation with the University of Lorraine in terms of scientific research, student training and co-construction of Confucius Institutes. They also expressed the wishes that teachers and researchers in new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction would be exchanged more frequently. Mayor Dominique Gros extended his gratitude to two universities for their contributions to both cities. Mayor Dominique Gros said that Wuhan University of Technology has a long history of cooperation with the University of Lorraine, which would help to achieve the aim of this trip to build Metz’s sister city with Wuhan. He also stated that they would welcome more experts and scholars of WUT to exchange and cooperate with those of Metz.

  The delegation also visited WUT’s Museum of Art, impressed by the exhibits on display and the campus construction. Mayor Dominique Gros pointed out that China has a long history characterized with oriental charms. He hoped to introduce more splendid Chinese culture to citizens of Metz for the purpose of enhancing mutual cultural exchanges. After that, the delegation came to WUT’s art center for students and joined the Guqin appreciation class for students from the Confucius Institute of the University of Lorraine, France, who took part in the summer camp in WUT. Guqin is one of the oldest plucked string instruments in China.