WUT Successfully Hosted the First International Conference on Sustainable Major Infrastructure Projects and the Third International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials in Design, Performance and Application

  The first International Conference on Sustainable Major Infrastructure Projects and the Third International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials in Design, Performance and Application, co-sponsored by MUT, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Alabama, made a complete success at Wuhan East Lake Hotel from August 9th to 11th. A total of 150 scholars, experts and business representatives from over 10 countries attended the conference, ranged from the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, the Netherlands, India, Belgium and Japan.

  Mr. Xin Sijin, secretary of the party committee of WUT, delivered his welcome address to experts and scholars presented at the opening ceremony, introducing achievements of WUT in recent years. The Secretary Xin said that this conference presented a valued opportunity for greater development in material science discipline. Furthermore, it would deepen exchanges and cooperation of WUT in some areas with universities and companies of other countries, which included Norway and the United States. These fields would contain the sustainable major infrastructure construction and building material, which provides a platform to better cooperate with the universities and enterprises in the international community.

  The conference was focused on eight issues, including the planning process of large projects, socio-economic benefits, environmental influences, digital infrastructure, sustainable building materials, pavement engineering, asphalt-and cement-based materials, which included 9 special invitation reports,12 invitation reports and 22 oral reports. The conference had received more than 180 papers, 23 posters and 8 enterprise display panels related to building materials. The keynote lectures were presented by renowned scholars at home and abroad, including Prof. Serji Amirkhanian from the University of Alabama, Prof. Carl Christian Thodesen and Prof. Inge Hoff from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Prof. Kim Jonathan Jenkins from University of Stellenbosch, Prof. Alvaro Garcia from University of Nottingham, Director Dong Keqin in the Division of European Affairs in China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Prof. Hao Peiwen from Chang’an University, and Deputy Dean Tu Liuqing in CCCC Wuhan Harbor Engineering Design and Research Institute in the Second Harbor Engineering Company.

  The international conference with a strong academic atmosphere lasting for three days has emerged as an important platform for experts and scholars who dedicate themselves to sustainable major infrastructure projects and sustainable building materials to exchange academic ideas, research findings and working experience with each other, which further enhances mutual understanding and friendship. More than that, it plays a positive role in the innovation of sustainable major infrastructure projects and sustainable building materials research