Wuhan University of Technology—Aix-Marseille Université Joint School, First Chinese-Foreign Collectively-Run School, was Officially Approved by the Ministry of Education

  In July, Wuhan University of Technology—Aix-Marseille Université Joint School, first Chinese-foreign collectively-run school, was officially approved by the Ministry of Education. This marks the initial results of the work of project declaration lasting for four years, as we obtain a remarkable success in Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, which will make WUTs education more international.

  Since the former President Francois Hollande paid an official visit to China in April 2013, the cooperation between Wuhan University of Technology and Aix-Marseille Université has been included in the series of education cooperation agreements endorsed by both countries. In September 2014, the school submitted its first application for Sino-foreign cooperative education. During the French President Emmanuel Macron and Premier Edouard Philippe’s official visit to China in 2018, Aix-Marseille school, as an important governmental cooperation projects in education, received highly attention from both Chinese and French governments.

  According to information from China Ministry of Education Foreign Information Regulatory website, the joint school is the eleventh Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school with non-independent legal entity in cooperation with universities in France. It is also the only one that is jointly offered by China and France in Hubei province at present. It has an enrollment of 1200 students. 320 students are admitted after an overall arrangement within the enrollment plan per year, which consists of 240 undergraduates and 80 postgraduates. Besides, it is devoted to undergraduate and postgraduate academic education, which contains two undergraduate majors in pharmaceutical engineering and biotechnology as well as two postgraduate specialties in bio-medical engineering and chemical engineering and technology. For this connection, it is believed to be the first Chinese-foreign collective school to cover both undergraduate and postgraduate education of academic qualifications in Hubei province.

  With the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Wuhan University of Technology—Aix-Marseille Université Joint School will actively introduce advantages, specialties and high-quality resources of Aix-Marseille Université in the fields of biology, medicine and life sciences to foster WUT’s development of chemical life discipline. Apart from that, the school will further increase academic exchanges, cooperation in scientific research and build a strong talent pool. These efforts will make our university more international in terms of talents cultivation, scientific research and discipline construction.