Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation Visited WUT


  On the afternoon of February 18, Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Dongfeng Motor Group Co, Ltd., Cheng Daoran, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the company, accompanied by directors of the Party Committee, the Personnel Department, the Science and Technology Engineering Department, Strategy Department, Technology Center and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co, Ltd. visited WUT to deepen cooperation between universities and enterprises, thus promoting the development of the automotive industry. The discussion and related activities were attended by Xin Sijin, Secretary of the WUT’s party committee, Zhang Qingjie, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of WUT, Xia Jiangjing, Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and directors of related units.

  Chairman Zhu Yanfeng, with his entourage, visited Hubei key Laboratory of Technology for Automotive parts, Intelligent Net-based Automotive Research Center, Research Institute of Advanced Materials Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, and key Laboratory of Nano Materials. They listened to the introduction and explanation by relevant professor and principals, and understood scientific research achievements, involving intelligent net-based car, automotive light weighting, carbon fiber composite materials, battery pack for the new energy vehicles.


  At the meeting, President Zhang Qingjie expressed the warm welcome to Chairman Zhu Yanfeng, and gave sincere thanks to Dongfeng Motor Corporation for its consideration and support for WUT’s development. He pointed out that the development of WUT cannot be achieved without the support of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation. In recent years, with the support in employment by the company, both sides have achieved good results through close exchanges and cooperation. At present, many technologies such as automotive light weighting, carbon fiber composite materials, fuel cells are all applied in automobile, and the new talents training mode is actively explored and established, thus cultivating systemically more talents to meet the needs of enterprise upgrading and transformation. It is hoped that both parties will further strengthen cooperation in areas like scientific research, transformation of achievements and training of talents to realize complementary advantages and win-win results, thus making positive contributions to the economic and social development of China.


  Zhu Yanfeng extended heartfelt thanks to WUT for its support to Dongfeng Motor Corporation in many aspects, such as talent training, talent recruitment. He noted that the development of the automotive industry is increasingly dependent on innovation. It is due to the strength of scientific research, advanced automotive technology, and support from WUT that Dongfeng Motor Corporation can achieve its goal to become the world-renowned automobile enterprise. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to deepen the cooperative relationship, further improve the level of cooperation on the current basis, realizing mutually beneficial cooperation between WUT and the enterprise, as well as promoting better development of the automobile industry.