WUT Came First in the 2018 National Academic Competition for College Students Rankings(undergraduate)


  On February 22nd, the China Association of Higher Education officially released the results of evaluation on the innovative talents training and academic competition rankings of Chinese colleges and universities from 2014 to 2018. In the “2018 National Academic Competition for College Students Rankings(Undergraduate)” list, WUT was ranked first in China for its winning 119 awards and scored 100 points. In the list of “2014-2018 National Competition for College Students Rankings (Undergraduate)”, WUT was ranked 16th in China, with 369 awards and a total score of 90.79 points. On top of that, in the list of “2014-2018 Academic Competition Rankings on Engineering and Technology Universities Rankings (Undergraduate)”, it ranked 13th in China. When the evaluation results was released by the expert working group dedicated in the “Higher Education Competition Evaluation and Management System Research” of the China Association of Higher Education, WUT was introduced as the demonstration university in innovation and entrepreneurship to the representatives for its achievements and experience of students’ academic competitions.  



  The National Academic Competition for College Students Rankings is the first evaluation to focus on the university's innovative talent training and the results of the academic competitions in China, which is one of the important criteria for assessing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chinese colleges and universities. Furthermore, it is the important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress of CPC, to carry out the party's educational policy and fundamental tasks of college students' moral cultivation. It provides norms and guidance to further standardize management, to promote and give full play to the important role of academic competition activities in aspects such as education and teaching, training for innovative talents as well as providing service reference information for colleges and universities to improve the quality of talents cultivation. The statistical data range from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2018. The evaluation of the academic competition follows the principles of fairness, justice, openness, guidance, operability as well as classification-and-results-orientation, with the basis of “objective data that is publicly available” and funded projects of undergraduate contests and contest influence released recently by the Ministry of Education.


  In recent years, WUT has attached great importance to the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and has given high priority to the top-notch innovative talents, talents to lead the industry, and innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Closely focused on talent cultivation as the main task, combining talent training and education of innovation and entrepreneurship, WUT has relied on the academic competitions to continuously deepen the reform and innovation of practice teaching. In addition, WUT is committed to promote the development, reform, education, learning, innovation by academic competitions, gives full play to the important role of the academic competitions in the cultivation of innovative talents, integrating innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talents cultivation.

  Adhering to the guidance of innovation and entrepreneurship, WUT co-ordinates various resources to build the innovative and entrepreneurial talents training mechanism cooperated by industry, technology and education, government and universities. It also develops an innovative and entrepreneurial curriculum system based on the aim of talents with innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides, WUT establishes a maker space featuring disciplines and profession supported by laboratories of schools in WUT, scientific research base, and technological innovation base, and build a “3 tiers connection” practice platform for the needs of different stages of the development of entrepreneurial teams and start-ups. WUT has achieved fruitful results in the training of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Specifically, it has been awarded many titles, including the “National Entrepreneurship and Demonstration Base” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of People’s Republic of China, the “Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base in National Colleges and Universities”, the “One of the First National Demonstration Universities in Deepening Reform in Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, “2017 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience Universities" and “National Maker Space”.