Preparations for the Judo of the 7th CISM World Games has on the Fast Lane  


  Recently, the first plenary meeting of the Judo Competition Management Committee (JCMC) of the 7th CISM World Games was held at the WUT Conference Center. The meeting was attended by Zhao Jing, Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s Party Committee, Shen Zuwu, Vice President, heads of Hongshan District Culture and Sports Bureau, as well as directors of relevant WUT departments. The meeting was presided over by Wang Qiankun, Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s Party Committee. This meeting is focused on the related work of the Judo of the 7th CISM World Games, marking its preparations onto the fast lane.


  The 7th CISM World Games is the first comprehensive international military event hosted by China. It is also China’s largest international sports event since the Beijing Olympic Games. In June 2018, the 7th CISM WG Executive Commission established a Judo Competition Management Committee, with Xin Sijin, Secretary of the WUT’s Party Committee, Yang Zefa, Secretary of the Hongshan District Committee in Wuhan, as chairmen, and Wang Qiankun, Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s party committee, as executive director. President of Chinese Judo Association, military representatives of Judo, leaders of WUT and Hongshan District Committee. Furthermore, the WUT has improved the institution setting, staffing and assignment of responsibilities of the various offices of the CMC, in addition to the establishment of the systems of regular working meeting system and special working meeting respectively.


  Since October 2018 when WUT signed an inspection memorandum with the CISM Sports Committee, WUT has actively cooperated with the 7th CISM World Game Organizing Committee to carry out various preparatory work in succession. Both the Office of Party and Executive and Sports Department coordinated related work and draw up “Work Plan on Comprehensive Organization and International Relation for the 7th CISM World Games Judo Competition”, “2019 Work Plan on National Youth Judo Championships”. Units, such as the Department of asset management, the Logistics Office and the Design Institute, completed projects including the outdoor environmental renovation of judo competition venues, interior functional renovation, information-based security and events. The Publicity Department of the Party Committee, in coordination with the News Publicity Department of the Organizing Committee of the military Games, carries out relevant publicity and atmosphere creation. WUT’s Youth League Committee recruits 399 volunteers for the university-wide military games, for whom WUT provides online and offline training and publicity for voluntary work both inside and outside the classroom. The Network Information Center, cooperating with such facilities as the Information Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, promotes the construction of information technology rooms, power supplies, routing, 4G/5G network coverage and network security in the gymnasium. The Security Department completes projects such as the installation of the mainframe of the access control of the venue, the laying of the fiber optic cable, the installation and commissioning of the front-end equipment, as well as promotes the construction of the monitoring equipment, the door locking devices and the control room in the venue.


  Wang Qiankun, WUT’s Deputy Secretary and Executive Director of JCMC, pointed out that the 7th CISM World Games, as an international sports event hosted by China next to the Olympic Games, are featured by large scale, high level and wide influence. All the staff of JCMC should be focused on five items: Firstly, the significance of the 7th CISM held in Wuhan China should be fully recognized, especially for WUT. The plan should be made ahead of time. And we should fight a prepared battle. Secondly, the organization should be fully installed, establishing a mechanism for promoting the work of the Competition Management Commission, giving full play to the role of the Office of the Competition Management Committee composed of the Party and Executive Offices, the Sports Department and the Department of assets management, and coordinate and resolve the various items in the Matters. Thirdly, the work plan should fully completed, the comprehensive support manual should be compiled according to the arrangement of the events, so as to form the general plan of the pre-Games event and the general plan of the official event, including the program of the Games, the support project of the gymnasium and the reception plan. Fourthly, the work implementing should be fully ensured. It is necessary that all departments should strengthen communication with the relevant offices of the Executive Committee, clarify the division of duties and responsibilities, strictly follow the objectives with the given time to implement work. Fifthly, the cooperation and support should be fully guaranteed. All the departments should cooperate with the Competition Management Commission, thus ensuring the success of the judo competition management of the 7th CISM World Games.


  Zhao Jing, Deputy Director of the Judo Competition Management Committee and Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s Party Committee, and Shen Zuwu, Vice President of WUT, said that it is of great significance for publicizing WUT, promoting the WUT's sports culture, and enhancing the WUT's organizational and security capabilities by undertaking this Games. All departments should clarify their responsibilities and co-ordinate all work.


  It is reported that the National Youth Judo Championships will be held in WUT in June 2019, followed by the 7th CISM World Games judo event that will kick off in October 2019 at Sports Center in South Lake campus. By undertaking international large-scale sports events, it presents an unprecedented opportunity to show the comprehensive strength and image of WUT. Meanwhile, it is also a test for the WUT’s governance level and organizing ability. In accordance with the requirements of the Organizing Committee of the 7th CISM World Games and JCMC, WUT will resolutely make sure “Five Items fully carried out ”. All preparations for the event have been finished with high quality, high standards, and high efficiency, creating the new environment as a host with hospitality and hence welcoming the 7th CISM World Games!