WUT Scored a Good Result in the Evaluation of the State Key Laboratory of New Technology for Composite Materials 
  Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC issued he evaluation results of the State key Laboratory in the engineering and material fields in 2018. The State Key Laboratory of New Technology for Composite Materials of WUT was selected as the excellent National key Laboratory.
  For a long time, WUT has attached great importance and support to the construction of the National Key Laboratory in aspects of the construction fund and the talents team construction. Aiming at the frontier of material science in the world and the major needs of China, the State Key Laboratory of New Technology for Composite Materials has built the world-class technology platform for material composition and preparation. The original and systematic research findings with international influence have been produced in transformative technology and cutting-edge new materials as well as their cross-cutting fields. During the assessment phase, the laboratory had undertaken 427 projects at all levels around five major research directions, with the funding of 308.3 million RMB. It won the 2 second prizes of the National Natural Sciences, 2 second prizes National Awards for Technological Invention, 1 second prize National Award for Science and Technology Progress, 3 International Scholarship Awards, and 277 invention patents authorized by the state. A number of 1,175 SCI papers were published as the first author's unit, with 30,077 cited by SCI, and 113 highly cited by ESI. Among them, 134 papers with impact factor above 10 were published on the international journals, with 3 papers in Nature. Besides, 2 new academician and 1 innovation group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China have joined in WUT recently.
  It is reported that the Ministry of Science and Technology commissioned the Association of Chinese Advanced Materials Society to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the overall performance of 21 National Key Laboratories in the field of materials during the five-year evaluation period, of which 5 laboratories were rated as excellent ones.