The Third International Forum for Young Scholars was held in WUT

  As the described, great virtues, erudition and pursuit of excellence have gathered leaders and elites far and near. From March 30 to 31, the third International Forum for Youth Scholars was held in WUT. With a number of 112 outstanding young scholars from 83 famous international universities and research institutions in 15 countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, and Hong Kong (China) came together in Wuhan to discuss the hot spots of international scientific and technological frontier, as well as the development of first-class disciplines in world-class universities through the forms as thematic reports, academic discussions, visits and seminars.

  The third International Forum for Young Scholars opened in the Lecture Hall 201 of the WUTs Conference Center in the morning of March 30, with the attendance upon the invitation by WUT including Lin Jianguo (Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Academician of the Academy of Europe), Preben Terndrup Pedersen (the Academician of the Danish Academy of Technology and Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Foreign Academician of Norwegian Academy of Technology), Jiang Desheng, (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Professor Xu Hongming (Professor of University of Birmingham and Distinguished Professor of WUT), Xu Xiaobin (Director of Personnel Work Office of the Organization Department of Hubei Provincial CPC Committee), Sun Zhijun (Vice Director of the Organization Department of Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Wuhan Talents Recruitment Bureau), and Tong Jingju (Director of the Teachers Management Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Education). Leaders of WUT including Xin Sijin, Zhang Qingjie, Xia Jiangjing, Liu Zuyuan, Zhao Jing, Meng Fangbing, Wang Shijie (the Assistant to the President), the principal heads of all functional departments and direct subordinate units, each government leaders of teaching and scientific research units as well as young teacher representatives attended the forum. The forum was presided over by Vice-President, Meng Fangbing.


  Xin Sijin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of WUT, delivered a welcoming speech. Xin Sijin showed the young scholars broad prospects and opportunities of WUTs development on the basis of the China's higher education in the major trend of current era, the WUT's platform strength, location advantages, and development trends. He pointed out that there is no better time for the young scholars of the new era to take root in China's higher education, and that they will surely go far in the future due to the choice of WUT. With the idea of "WUT is worth coming, and staying!" "WUT welcomes you, and welcomes you to stay! WUT wishes you to come, and wants you to stay! ", Xin Sijin, on behalf of WUT, expressed the sincere invitation to all talents and warmly invited the outstanding national and international young scholars to join and build WUT together, in order to create the life dream and open a new chapter on this land of great potential.


  Xu Xiaobin, Director of the Personnel Work Office of the Organization Department of the Hubei Provincial CPC Committee, and Sun Zhijun, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Wuhan Talents Recruitment Bureau, elaborated the scientific and educational resources, geography advantages, opportunities and platforms for development as well as policy guarantees supporting talent innovation and entrepreneurship in Hubei province, Wuhan city. Both of them extended a sincere invitation to young scholars to join in Hubei and Wuhan to open a new chapter in the high-quality development of Hubei in the new era and to start a new journey of Wuhan's all-round rejuvenation.


  Zhang Qingjie, the Chairman of the Forum, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of WUT, made a report on the theme of "Embracing a new era and Building a new dream, Working Together to Build an Excellent University to Win a Worldwide Recognition and Admiration". Zhang Qingjie presented the distinctive school-running characteristics of WUT relying on building materials, transportation and automobile. He then reviewed WUT's outstanding achievements and significant progress in terms of talents training, scientific research, social services and campus construction in recent years. Standing at the forefront of the development of higher education in China and the world, he introduced the strategic choice of the development of WUT, and expounded the whole-new idealistic concept system and lofty ideals. He also stressed that the key to achieving the strategic objectives of WUT lies in the introduction and cultivation of a large number of young outstanding talents. Therefore, he extended a sincere invitation to all outstanding young scholars and expressed his desire for young talents, hoping them can join WUT team.


  Lin Jianguo, Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Academician of the Academy of Europe, delivered a report entitled Innovation and Success. Professor Li Kaiyuan, as a young teacher representative, made a speech at the forum on the basis of his experiences in applying for talents and his observations of working and living in WUT.


  Liu Zuyuan, Vice president of WUT, elaborated WUTs relevant policies in introducing and cultivating talents in combination with such projects as "15551 Talents Project", "Internationalization Strategy of Talent Ranks" and "National Level and Provincial Level Talent Engineering System". He said that WUT has a good school environment and the spirit of pursuing excellence, and the confidence and strength to provide a first-class platform for the vast number of young talents to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

  From the afternoon of March 30 to 31, 17 sub-forums on different topics were held in varied schools. All participants and all teachers and students had in-depth communications in terms of their respective fields of scientific research, talent training as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.