Visiting Professor Appointment Ceremony of David Lidzey from University of Sheffield of the United Kingdom Held with an Academic Lecture


  April 10, the appointment ceremony and academic lecture of the Visiting Professor David Lidzey of the University of Sheffield of the UK, was held in Hall 201 of the Conference Center of the west campus. Chen Wen, the Vice President of WUT, attended the ceremony with the representatives of staff members and students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering as well as the State key Laboratory of Silicate Building Materials.


  Chen Wei, the Executive Deputy Director of the State key Laboratory of Silicate Building Materials, presided over the appointment and introduced Professor David Lidzey's research experiences and academic achievements to the participants.


  Chen Wen presented the letter of appointment to Professor David Lidzey as the Visiting Professor of WUT and delivered a speech. He said that Professor David Lidzey, as a world-renowned expert in the field of organic photonics and optoelectronic devices, whose participation in the WUT will further promote the cooperation in optoelectronics between WUT and the University of Sheffield. With a series of scientific research results in the top international journals like Nature and Science, he has published a number of high-level papers with the team led by Professor Wang Tao of WUT, and played a significant role in the development of the Double First Class Discipline by jointly cultivating graduate students with WUT. It is hoped that Professor David Lidzey will further expand the cooperation in the training of undergraduate students, post-graduate students and young teachers in the future between both sides, thus further promoting more achievements in the field of optoelectronic devices.

  After the ceremony, Professor David Lidzey visited the SMART Forum of the State key Laboratory of Silicate Building Materials. With an academic report entitled New process routes and device architectures for perovskite photovoltaics, he introduced the international frontier researches in the area of perovskite photovoltaic cells, and interacted with the participants.


  Professor David Lidzey has done the groundbreaking research in organic photons and organic electronic devices, which can be reflected by more than 200 papers published in the top international journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Nano Letters and Physical Review Letters as the first author or the corresponding author. The H-factor of his papers is 52 with SCI cited more than 10,000 times. Professor David Lidzey chaired over 20 projects funded by the European Community and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council successively. On top of that, he was invited for several times to deliver speeches and invited talks over the invitations of academic organizations such as the Materials Research Society, the European Society of Materials, the International Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers and the Institute of Physics in UK.