WUT’S Delegation Visited Hainan Province to Promote the Cooperation between Hainan province and WUT


  Deputy Party Secretary Wang Qiankun and Vice President Liu Zuyuan visited Hainan province with their entourage to conduct the investigation from April 13 to 15. To carry out the spirit of the important speech made by President Xi at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Hainan Province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone, and the spirit of Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council on Supporting Hainan for Comprehensively Deepening Reform and Opening-up,as well as Vice Minister of Education Sunyao’s requirements in the promotion meeting that Universities were encouraged to run universities and colleges in Hainan province and promote the science and education cooperation between WUT and Hainan province, WUT’s delegation held an in-depth negotiation with relevant parties in Hainan province. The leaders and relevant experts from offices of WUT participated in the research, including the Office of Party and Government Affairs, Administration Office, Graduate school, Science and Technology Development Institution and Science and Technology Cooperation and Achievement Transformation Center.


  During the visit, Deputy Party Secretary Wang Qiankun and Vice President Liu Zuyuan accompanied by the delegation of WUT held panel discussions with the related directors of the Education Department of Hainan province, Technical City Administration of Yazhou Bay in Sanya, Hainan University and Hainan Tropical Ocean University respectively.


  At the Education Department of Hainan province, the delegation of WUT further understood the relevant program and policies that met the requirements of President Xi’s important speeches and the documents issued by the central government about famous universities running a school in Hainan province. On behalf of WUT, Deputy Secretary Wang Qiankun introduced relevant conditions, and held discussion in terms of the system and mechanism, operation mode, and associated condition of scientific and educational cooperation between Hainan and WUT, focused on major national development strategies such as the maritime power, construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative and integrated development of military with civilian, as well as the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone and the requirements from Ministry of Education. Focused on the specific issues in promoting science and education cooperation in Hainan province, the in-depth discussion was made between WUT’s administrators and related experts, as well as related in charge person of Hainan province. Both parties agreed to renew the supplementary agreement and the construction plan on the basis of the signed Hainan province-WUT cooperation agreement, in order to promote the concrete implementation of cooperation.


  At Yazhou Bay’s Technical City, the delegation watched the construction plan for a scientific and Technical City , investigated the construction of related projects on the spot and held a panel discussion with the related administrators of Sanya Education Department, Technical City Administration Department of Yazhou Bay, Sanya and Sanya-based company of China Merchants Group. Deputy Secretary Wang Qiankun introduced WUT and the initiatives of fulfilling requirements from the Education Ministry and promoting cooperation in science and education between WUT and Yazhou Bay’s Technical City. The director of the Science and Technology Management Department expressed warm welcome to WUT’s delegation for the scientific and educational cooperation with Hainan and publicized relevant conditions and policies for WUT to enter the tech city. Two parties had discussions, highlighting the city’s construction and scientific and technological cooperation.


  Furthermore, the delegation visited Hainan University and Hainan Tropical Ocean University respectively, discussing on how to promote the cooperation between WUT and Hainan University, as well as and Hainan Tropical Ocean University, according to the Cooperation Agreement between Hainan Province and WUT. The agreements were reached on affairs including the Construction of discipline and profession, joint talents development, scientific and technological cooperation, and teaching staff construction.