WUT Hosted the OFS-China 2019 Successfully

  The OFS-China 2019 was hosted successfully in WUT from April 26 to 29. 518 representatives from 94 universities and research institutions as well as 50 participating enterprises gathered together, showing the latest research achievements of Chinas optical fiber sensing technology.

  Vice President Chenwen, on behalf of the WUT, extended a warm welcome at the opening ceremony. Professor Liao Yanbiao from Tsinghua University and Academician Jiang Desheng of WUT, Chairman of the OFSC2019 delivered speeches successively. The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Yang Minghong of WUT, Chairman of the OFSC2019 Organizing Committee.

  After that, national and international experts as well as representatives from more than 40 universities and enterprises presented their researches around 8 topics, including 34 invited talk, 21 oral reports and 103 post reports, all of which were always full of audiences. Three seminars have already been held before the opening ceremony, focused on the application of optical fiber sensing technology in professional fields, including energy sources exploration, marine and environment, biochemistry and medical care.

  During the session, to honour Academician Jiang Deshengs outstanding contributions to Chinas engineering application of optical fiber sensing technology, the OFS-China2019 awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award .

  At the closing ceremony, Professor Yang Minghong, Chairman of the OFSC2019 Organizing Committee, summarized the overall progress of the session. Academician Jiang has awarded six winners the Best Paper Award, including Zhan Yuansong, from Jinan University and Wang Changjia from WUT.

  China Optical Fiber Sensing Conference and Industrialization Forum has been successfully held for ten times, since its establishment in the 1980s. It is the most important national academic conference in the field of optical fiber sensing in China. The conference is intended to provide an academic and technology communication platform for peers in domestic academic and industrial circles, especially for young scholars and students. It is a good opportunity to show themselves, inspire their enthusiasm of innovation and enterprise in this area, further encouraging the academic development of domestic teams, and promoting ideas collision and exchange for Chinas academic and industrial circles of optical fiber sensing. The OFSC 2019 is the eleventh session of the series, has the largest number of participants in history.The session was jointly organized by the WUT and Tsinghua University, highlighting the academic status and industrial influence of WUTs National Engineering Laboratory for Fiber Optic Sensing Technology. It is reported that the OFSC2020 will be held by the Guilin University of Electronic Technology in October 2020.