Vice President Kang Canhua Led a Delegation to Visit the European Universities

  Kang Canhua, Vice President of WUT, led a delegation to visit Europe and held talks in terms of the communication and cooperation between universities, the promotion of students joint training project and the building of the students overseas internship base from April 21 to 28.Meanwhile, three overseas high-level personnel recruitment fairs were organized. Kang Canhua was accompanied by the relevant leaders of the Office of Educational Administration, Graduate School, Personnel Division, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation as well as the International School Of Materials Science and Engineering of WUT.

  During the visit in Technical University of Delft, the delegation of WUT held meetings with Professor Peter Wieringa, Vice President for Research of the Technical University of Delft, and Professor Krista Nopper, Senior Consultant of the Global Strategy Executive Committee. Kang Canhua pointed out that WUT has a history of 22 years with the Technical University of Delft in terms of communion and contact, both universities have gained fruitful achievements in many aspects including the construction of international collaboration platform, student communication, exchange visits between scholars and joint work in scientific research projects. Accordingly, it is hoped that two universities could continue to give full play in discipline advantages, writing a new chapter for inter-university cooperation. Professor Peter Wieringa highly stressed the current cooperation between two universities, and expressed that he would be willing to support a deeper communication between the universities as always. Both sides exchanged the in-depth views on reaching cooperation framework. After the meetings, the delegation led by Kang Canhua visited laboratories as the Ship Model Towing Test Towing Tank and the Unmanned Ship.

  At Erasmus University Rotterdam, the meetings with Ms. Weichia Tseng, the head of International Affairs of EUR ware held by the delegation of WUT. Both sides had discussions on joint training of students, teachers visiting and exchanges, the construction of internship base. Meanwhile, the further discussion was made on scientific research cooperation of related disciplines, and concluded with an agreement. Kang Canhua expressed that the connection function of the cooperative professors of related disciplines should be strengthened. On the basis of that, we should launch communication and cooperation in a more diverse and more plentiful way, making it benefit teachers and students in both universities and promoting win-win cooperation.

  At Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, the delegation of WUT visited the Advanced Composites Processing Research Center, and held meetings with Professor Veronique Michaud, Chief of the Center and Vice President of Engineering School and Graduate Education. Professor Veronique Michaud showed great interest in the upcoming World University Leadership Seminar on Advances in Materials Science and Engineering in 2019 hosted by WUT. During the meetings, both sides reached an agreement on several issues including the promotion of scientific research cooperation, joint training of graduate students and high level expertsexchange visits, construction of internationalized curriculum, and overseas internship. After that, the delegation visited the Student Creative Industrial Park of Swiss Federal Institute of the Technology Zurich.

  During the visit, the delegation of WUT held the overseas high-level personnel recruitment fairs at Technical University of Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich respectively, which attracted more than 90 young scholars from related universities and surrounding regions. Through the onsite negotiation and communication, some of them expressed the willingness to work in WUT at the fair or via emails and letters, and some of them have reached the candidate requirements of Talent Plan at the national, provincial, and university level. These recruitment fairs have received considerable assistance from local Chinese diplomatic or consular mission for onward transmission, several universities Chinese Students and Scholars Association as well as the overseas specialists and visiting scholars of WUT.

  This visit is a critical element of WUTs development strategy of internationalization, further enhancing the practical two-way communication and cooperation between WUT and top European universities, hewing out new partnership, as well as exploiting and integrating European high-quality education resources. It is of significant meaning to thoroughly implement the strategic distribution of education opening up to the outside world at the new period of time.