Chen Xiexin, Vice Mayor of WuhanVisited WUT to Investigate the Construction Work of Judo Venue of the 7th CISM Military World Games

  The Vice Mayor Chen Xiexin and the Vice Deputy Secretary General Li Tao of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government,visited the Sports Center in South Lake campus of WUT, investigated the construction work of venue in the 7th CISM Military World Games, together with Zhang Dongfeng, Deputy Secretary General of The CISM Board of Directors, the directors of the Venue Department, Competition Department and Human Resources Department of the Executive Committee of the Military World Games, as well as the directors in charge of the Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, Wuhan Fire Department and the related experts of the People’s Government of Hongshan District on the morning of May 6. They were accompanied by Wang Qiankun, WUT’s Deputy Secretary and Executive Director of JCMC and Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s Party Committee, Zhaojin, Deputy Director of Judo Competition Management Committee and Deputy Secretary of the WUT’s Party Committee, and the directors of all the offices of Judo Competition Management Committee of the 7th CISM Military World Game.

  After being briefed by Vice Secretary Wang Qiankun on the overall renovation of judo venues, functional layout and intelligent systems, Chen Xiexin examined the restoration of venues on the spot, and enquired the maintenance work after project acceptance. Comments and suggestions were put forward by relevant experts in terms of the construction and renovation of the venues. Chen Xiexin fully affirmed the venue construction work of WUT, and wished that WUT could perfectly refine details and the support facilities of the venue on the basis of completion and acceptance, through which WUT can make adequate preparation for the test events with high level, high quality and high efficiency, in order to  carry out the preparatory work for the 7th CISM Military World Games.

  WUT is continuing to promote the preparatory work of the 7th CISM Military World Games. At present, all work has been conducted as scheduled by the offices of the CMC of Judo Competition Management Committee. The directors and the executives of the various offices have already been on their positions and duties. Meanwhile, they have already developed cooperation with the Executive Commission and related units, and revised the competition rules under the direction of Chinese Judo Association and the military representatives. Volunteers’ Office has already recruited two batches of volunteers, and launched a Graffiti Contest of the 7th Military World Games, in addition to large-scale volunteer activities such as Wuhan International Marathon and World Health Expo in which volunteers were led to participate. The list of competition equipment has been submitted by the Division of Games Organizing. The renovation project of Judo venue has been accepted successfully on April 25, under the charge of Division of Venue and Equipment. The Award Presentation Office are promoting the arrangement of the director team of Award Presentation. The Comprehensive Logistics Support Division has issued the overall plan on food safety guarantee at all levels. Moreover, the Financial Department has already formulated the Regulations for the Administration of Subsidy Funds for Judo Event of the 7th CISM World Games, and signed the “Funds Management Agreement” with Executive Board, detailed and declared subsidy budget. The Reception Office has completed the hotel service preparation for athletes and technical officials in test events. The Language Service Office has carried out the revision and translation of the Judo Competition Rules. The Medical and Anti-Doping Office has confirmed the medical staff and doping control station during the competition. The next step of the work of the Competition Management Committee will focus on improving the work plan of all offices, drawing up the operation plan of the Judo Competition Management Committee as well as the working procedure of test events and final events and the emergence plans of the Competition Management Committee. Efforts will continue to be made to install and test the Judo equipment, draw up the design plan of the Volunteers’ Lounge, and complete the third-round risk identification and assessment, thus ensuring the best preparatory work of the event.

  Vice Secretary Wang Qiankun pointed out that at present, the preparatory work of the 7th CISM World Games has changed from venue construction to the practical phase with events as its core. It is of great necessity to complete the operation plan during the competition, venue layout, streamline diagram as well as the program of the Games and its process. The specific requirements for work have been put forward such as the guarantee of the competition venue, logistics, equipment and reception services. He also emphasized that various offices of the Competition Committee should clarify their duty of work, coordinate and cooperate with each other actively to fulfill related preparation, ensuring the full implementation of the preparatory work and making the Judo competition of the 7th CISM World Games a great success.

  Vice Secretary Zhao Jing emphasized the importance of the work as operation plan during the competition, the third-round risk identification and assessment and related work. It is required that all the offices to implement the plan and to coordinate various work through careful and solid efforts.

  The National Youth Judo Championships will be held in WUT from June 20 to 24 and the judo event of the 7th CISM Military World Games will be started in October at Sports Center in South Lake campus of WUT as well. In accordance with the requirements of the Organizing Committee and JCMC of the 7th CISM Military World Games, WUT will further clarify the responsibility and specify procedures, promoting the preparation work on the basis of work plan, task list and scheduled nodes in an orderly way. With the opportunity of undertaking the test events and the Military World Games, WUT will improve WUT’s capacity to serve the community better, to show the best image of WUT and to promote its development.