Academician Frank Caruso of the Royal Society of London and the Australian Academy of Sciences Appointed as Honorary Professor of WUT


On the morning of May 7th, the ceremony for the appointment of academician Frank Caruso of the Royal Society of London and the Australian Academy of Sciences as honorary professor and the 480th WUT lecture was held in the conference center lecture hall 201. Vice President Chen Wen, with heads of the personnel department, international exchange and cooperation office, School of Materials Science and Engineering, International School of Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of New Materials, Silicate Materials Engineering Research Center and relevant teachers and students participated in this activity.
Mai Liqiang, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, introduced the curriculum vitae of academician Frank Caruso.
Vice President Chen Wen presented the letter of appointment of honorary professor of the Wuhan University of Technology to professor Frank Caruso and expressed his gratitude. He said that Professor Frank Caruso’s joining WUT was the important event for WUT to introduce overseas academic masters, which would have a meaningful impact on the scientific and technological innovation and international exchange of WUT. He hoped that Professor Frank Caruso would promote the first-class discipline construction and academic development of WUT with his profound scholarly attainments, innovative academic ideas, and open international outlook.
Professor Frank Caruso expressed his great honor to be an honorary professor of WUT. He hoped to cooperate closely with the research teams in related fields of WUT in the future and strive to make achievements in the cooperative research.
After the appointment ceremony, Professor Frank Caruso was invited to the 480th WUT Lecture and 17th Hongru Forum, giving an academic report entitled Innovations in Thin Film Assembly - From Polymers to Macromolecules and Metal Ions. This academic report leads teachers and students to understand the innovations in the field of materials science brought by self-assembly thin films.
In the lecture, he introduced the self-assembly method for preparing metal-organic thin films, focusing on the polyphenols and the interactions of metal ions, controlled assembly, assembly membrane adaptability, response to outside stimuli, etc., and discussed the effects of polyphenol structure and metal ion composition on the properties of the film. Finally, he also proposed a recent report on normative data in nanobiology research. In the Q&A session, Professor Frank Caruso answered the questions raised by the teachers and students one by one.
During his time at WUT, Professor Frank Caruso visited the State Key Laboratory of Materials Composite Technology and conducted in-depth academic discussions and exchanges with professors in related fields.
Professor Frank Caruso is currently Executive Director of the Australian National Center for Bio-Nano Science and Technology, Senior Chair Professor of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Foundation, and Professor of the University of Melbourne.
He was elected as an academician of the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2009 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 2018. From 1997 to 2002, he served as Humboldt Scholar and Team Leader of the Colloids and Interfaces Division of Max Planck Institute in Germany. He received Australia’s highest academic honor “Federation Professor” in 2003-2012 and was awarded the Australian Laureate Professor in 2012-2017. At present, he has published more than 450 academic papers, being cited more than 45,000 times, with an H factor of 110. He was on Thomson Reuters’ 2014 list of World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds (top 20 in the field of materials science).